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RMADs Friday 12/3

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<p>Hey all!  Time to get up!!!!</p>
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<p>I spent a lovely night coughing my lungs up on the couch.  I didn't sleep much but hopefully this coffee will help me get the kids ready.  Hope you all are doing well!  Have a great Friday!!</p>
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<p>Hi Amber - lots of time to save up and train for it!  I really think it's a good option since it's so close compared to some of the others I was considering.  Are you all done xmas shopping yet?  </p>
<p>Sudsy - are you talking about the Eastern States?  I'm planning to do the 20 miler this year if it works with our schedule.  </p>
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<p>Time to do some yoga before heading in to help dh out at work.  </p>
<p>I have to tell you all a quick funny kid story.  My ds6 is at the stage where he's losing teeth.  Two weeks ago he had a wiggly top tooth and as he was eating a sandwich one afternoon he said, "my tooth is gone!!!" and apparently he ate his tooth while he was eating. He was really sad.  Needless to say we never looked for or found that tooth!  Last night while eating dinner another tooth was really loose and I tried to get him to pull it out but he wouldn't.  This morning when I woke him up the first thing I noticed is that he lost his tooth while he slept.  I'm pretty sure he swallowed this one as well.  Poor kid was so sad!!  I'm going to completely check his bed to make sure but I'm almost positive he ate it.  :)</p>
<p>Andi - was it your birthday yesterday??  </p>
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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