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RMAD It is the weekend 5/14 & 5/15

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<p>Morning my running frineds.  The work out will come later after a baseball game.  It should be a fun relaxing weekend.  The weather will be great too do we dare run outside?</p>
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<p>Good morning Ron! It's a beautiful day here and I'll be heading out in a few for my 15. I was up around 5 this moring and then went back to bed for a while so I'm off to a late start today.  Enjoy the baseball today and have a great run and workout.</p>
<p>I have tickets to the Red Sox game on Tuesday night but the forecast isn't looking too good. Hopefully the rain will hold off. I'm looking forward to the game, I haven't been to one in a while. </p>
<p>Had a great 15 yesterday. Today's weather was a different story. Went out for 6, got about 1/2 mile from the house and it started pouring. Got torrential at times to a point where it was hard to see and splashed by cars sending waves over me. 6 soaking miles, it was great!</p>
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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