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POTD - Riley0003<br><br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">POTD QUESTIONS</span></b><br><br>
1. Why do you run?<br><b>For two reasons – to get my head together, and to fit into my favorite jeans.</b><br><br>
2. What is your greatest accomplishment?<br><b>Well I hope that my greatest accomplishment is still ahead of me, but for now I’d say that my accomplishment(s) are having 3 wonderful, self-sufficient grown children, choosing the best husband in the world, and landing a fulfilling job.</b><br><br>
3. What is your motto/theme song?<br><b>When I run, I think to myself “quick, quick, light, light” to remind myself to keep my footsteps easy. I have a couple of favorite songs on my ipod that are inspirational or motivating: “I run for life” by Melissa Etheridge, and “25 miles to go” by Edwin Starr. My husband also loaded up “Eye of the Tiger” for me.</b><br><br>
4. How do you deal with bad runs?<br><b>First I moan and groan about them to whomever will listen, and then I suck it up and vow to try harder next time.</b><br><br>
5. Do you reward yourself for good runs? How?<br><b>Absolutely! I sing my own praises to my DH and he pretends to be suitably impressed. I firmly believe we must celebrate all of life’s little accomplishments.</b><br><br>
6. Who do you admire most?<br><b>I can’t really pinpoint one person. So many people have had profound influences on my life.</b><br><br>
7. What is the greatest advice you have ever received?<br><b>A couple of things: Teach your children how to live without you; make us proud; and life is short, so make it count.</b><br><br>
8. What do wish you had learned younger?<br><b>When I was younger, I had very little self-confidence and I was afraid to try a lot of new things. I wish that I had been brave enough to laugh at myself when I failed and just been able to pick myself up and try again.</b><br><br>
9. What do you wish you could do but can't?<br><b>Lots of things ~ advanced math, an understanding of politics, the ability to run faster than 9 minutes per mile, and to fit into a size 6.</b><br><br>
10. How would your friends describe your personality?<br><b>I emailed a few of my friends, and this is what they say: “Enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive, Fun, caring, and thoughtful, Friendly, outgoing, a people person but with a lot of depth, intelligent and street smart, smart, quick, beautiful. Your personality is magnetic but you don't suffer fools gladly, <span style="color:#1F497D;">confident, curious, empathetic, loyal, organized, funny and a polished dresser”. (Sounds great, doesn’t it? In reality I’m very impatient and messy).</span></b><br>
11. What do you wear running? favorite outfit?<br><b>I like those running shorts that have the panties built in, rather than a compression short underneath, and I like the shimmel tops with the built in bras. Unfortunately I always have to wear a calf sleeve too which ruins “the look” because I’ve torn my calf muscle twice in 10 months. I like my Asics running shoes the best of any brand I’ve ever tried.</b><br><br>
12. What has been your favorite race?<br><b>I’ve only run about 6 races and they’re all so different that I don’t have a favorite.</b><br><br>
13. Do you have a goal race right now?<br><b>Yes, I want to break 30 minutes in a 5K, but I don’t know when or if that’s ever going to happen.</b><br><br>
14. What makes you happy?<br><b>Oh my…..I’m a pretty happy person most of the time. Let’s see, a positive balance in my checking account; DH calling me beautiful; phone calls and IMs from my kids and mom; driving home after work; my weekly yoga classes; traveling with DH, my dogs, reading, and not feeling like death warmed over after a run.</b><br><br>
15. Tell us one interesting thing about you that you haven't said (at least not often) on this forum in the past.<br><b>I had a carotid dissection (like a small hemorrhagic stroke) about 17 years ago and it took me over a year to be able to walk 1 mile without stopping.</b><br><br>
16. Tell us one interesting thing about another user of this forum that has not been posted (at least not often) on this forum in the past (make sure the other person will not object to posting the info!).<br><b>McSolar99 and I have an astronomer friend in common!</b>
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Re. #15: <img alt="shock.gif" src=""><br><br>
Susan, you are a great addition to KR and the masters group!
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