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Hi all,<br><br>
Well I got through another week of the plan. I have to say I've been surprised how this has gone so far. I didn't expect it to go as well as it has, and I want to thank all of you for the support you've lended to me over the last 12 weeks.<br><br>
This past week, I had the following workouts planned.<br><br>
Monday: Rest or cross training.<br>
Tuesday: VO2max. 9m with 5x600m @ 5K pace jog 90 seconds in between.<br>
Wednesday: Medium long run. 14m.<br>
Thursday: Recovery + speed. 6m am with 6x100m strides. 4m pm.<br>
Friday: Recovery 5m.<br>
Saturday: 8-15K tuneup race.<br>
Sunday: 18m long run.<br><br>
What actually happened:<br><br>
Monday: I did my other workout routine.<br>
Tuesday: VO2max. 9m with 5x600m. Since I have no clue what my 5K pace is (I haven't run one in years), I went off of HR, and was able to get the HR where I wanted it.<br>
Wednesday: A 14.2 mile long run. I was going to do this run on the trail, but thunderstorm were predicted. Of course they never came to pass, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I did it on pavement.<br>
Thursday: 6m in the AM with 6 strides. The distance was inconsistent. I tried to do 20 second strides, but I couldn't see my HRM. 4m recovery on the trail in the afternoon.<br>
Friday: 5m recovery run on the trail.<br>
Saturday: I was away for the weekend, and finding a race where I was. So, instead I ran a 9 mile, hilly hard run where in the end, my HR got up to the high 180s. One thing I wasn't sure about is if this run should have been done at race pace for an 8-15K race, or if I should do my marathon pace for the 8-15K. I opted for the race pace of an 8-15K race.<br>
Sunday: 19.2 mile long run. This was a tough effort, as I forgot my Camelbak at home, and I forgot to bring my energy gels. I struggled through with handheld bottles and no gels.<br><br>
So, I got through the week. I even did an extra 1.4 miles. The planned mileage was 68. I did 69.4. I didn't do as much on the trail as I would have liked (just 9 miles).<br><br>
This week is one of the toughest, if not <b>the</b> toughest week of the plan. It is a 70 mile planned wweek with a tough 11m VO2 max workout (6x1000m VO2 max), a 15m medium long run, a 12m medium long run, and a 17m run with 14m @ marathon race pace. Throw in a few recovery runs, and you get the's not going to be an easy week. Especially given the fact that it is supposed to be hazy, hot, and humid this week.<br><br>
Right now, we're hanging tough.
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