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Report: Sixth week of the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18/70 plan

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Another week down on the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18/70 plan.<br><br>
This was the Recovery week, and I really needed it. I felt pretty good during the week.<br><br>
I followed the plan to a tee.<br><br>
Monday: I did my other exercise routine.<br>
Tuesday: 8 miles with 10x100m stride-outs (100m recoveries between the stride-outs)<br>
Wednesday: 12 miles on the Merrimack River Trail.<br>
Thursday: 5 mile recovery run.<br>
Friday: 11 miles on the Merrimack River Trail.<br>
Saturday: 5 mile recovery run.<br>
Sunday: 14 miles on a hilly course at my parent's cottage.<br><br>
Total miles for the week: 55.<br><br>
This ends Mesocycle #1 of the plan. I still have my 2 "mulligan" weeks in the pocket. They might be needed looking at what's ahead in Mesocycle #2.<br><br>
This week looks like this:<br><br>
Monday: Rest or cross training.<br>
Tuesday: LT. 10 miles with 5 @ 15K to 1/2 marathon pace.<br>
Wednesday: 14 mile medium long run.<br>
Thursday: 5 mile recovery run.<br>
Friday: 11 mile medium long run.<br>
Saturday: General aerobic + speed. 8 miles with 10x100m stride outs.<br>
Sunday: 21 mile long run.<br><br>
I might have to do some reworking this week, because I might go away for the weekend again, and I don't have a track nearby to do the scheduled Saturday workout. I'll have to think about it a little bit.<br><br>
It's going to be a tough few weeks folks. Keep the fingers crossed for me.
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10x100 meter striders is more of a state of mind than anything - Try 10x25 second or 10x20 second striders - where ever you are ... or just accelerate to speed and hold for little time -<br><br>
I love doing my long runs in unfamiliar places - I don't own a garmin, so I end up running a comfortable pace for a certain perod of time and then turn around and come back. 20-21-22 its just a number - no magic - just a long run.<br><br>
Keep thinking positive thoughts in cycle #2 -
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