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Report: Fourteenth Week of Pfitz/Douglas 18/70 plan

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Hi all,<br><br>
First, I realize I missed last week's report. I really wasn't sure what to think about Week 13, so I opted not to give a report on it.<br><br>
Week 14's plan looked like this:<br><br><b>Monday</b> - Rest or cross training<br><b>Tuesday</b> - VO2max. 9m with 5x600m @ 5K pace. Jog 2 minutes between.<br><b>Wednesday</b> - Medium long run. 13 miles.<br><b>Thursday</b> - Recovery + speed. 6m with 6x100m strides.<br><b>Friday</b> - Recovery 5m.<br><b>Saturday</b> 8-15K tune up race.<br><b>Sunday</b> - Long run. 18 miles.<br><br>
Planned mileage: 63 (according to Pfitz, though his numbers do seem to add up). 9+13+6+5+18=51. That leaves 12 miles. Even a 15K race is only 9.4 miles or so. That only makes 60.4.<br><br>
What actually happened:<br><br><b>Monday</b> - I did my other workout routine.<br><b>Tuesday</b> - VO2max. 9m with 5x600m. Instead of 2 minute jogs, I made sure it was 400m simply for ease of measurement. I was able to do the 5x600m at or better than my 5K PR pace.<br><b>Wednesday</b> - 13.3 miles on trail. I did okay, but it wasn't great.<br><b>Thursday</b> - 6 miles with 6x100m strides. I did 100m recovery jogs between each stride.<br><b>Friday</b> - 5 mile recovery run.<br><b>Saturday</b> - No race available of the desired distance, so I did a 9 mile run like an Individual Time Trial. I did okay considering the humidity, but I definitely faded during the run.<br><b>Sunday</b> - 18 miles. Pace was not was I was hoping for, given that the conditions were not humid, but I did the run.<br><br>
Total miles: 60.3<br>
Miles on trail: 13.3<br>
Miles on track: 15<br>
Miles on pavement: 32<br><br>
One more week left in Mesocycle #3. If I get through Mesocycle #3 without having to use my 2 Mulligan weeks, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with them. I might repeat this week, and what's on the agenda for next week, but I'll deal with that when it comes to that.<br><br>
What's on the agenda for this week:<br><br><b>Monday</b> - Rest or cross training. I'll probably do my other workout.<br><b>Tuesday</b> - Recovery 6m in the AM, 4m in the PM.<br><b>Wednesday</b> - VO2max. 11m with 6x1200m @ 5K race pace. 400m recovery between each.<br><b>Thursday</b> - Medium long run. 14m.<br><b>Friday</b> - General aerobic + speed. 8m with 8x100m strides.<br><b>Saturday</b> - Recovery 5m.<br><b>Sunday</b> - Long run. 20m.<br><br>
Planned mileage: 68
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Nice job EQ! I noticed a few instances of things not adding up in the 18/55 plan too, only during weeks where there's a "tune up race". I asked Notey about it, since he knows Pfitz plans pretty well - he said it accounts for race warmup/cooldown too.
Ah thanks Jen. I didn't account for that, because I didn't do a warmup/cooldown during the race/individual time trials that I've done so far.<br><br>
And you're continuing to do a great job on the 18/55 plan Jen. You're hanging tough, and really doing well.
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