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Rent Wheels For A Race?

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Anyone ever rent wheels for a race? I saw there is a company that rents out Zipps for about 5-7 days...$140...just wondering if anyone has everydone it...
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I rented Zipps from for my A-races last year. It is spendy for multiple races, but a nice option if you don't want to spend the $ to purchase your own wheels and they do give you the opportunity to try out a particular type of wheel before you buy.<br><br>
They ship the wheels to you in a FedEx shipping box. You need to supply your own cogset, so you either need to have your LBS pull the cogset off your existing training wheel and put it on the race wheels (and reverse the process when shipping them back) or you need to do it yourself (it requires some tools like a chain whip and cog wrench). You also have to pay shipping costs to send the wheels back to them.<br><br>
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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