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Rehab Tent - Bitch about your injuries here

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That was easy.<br><br>
Of course you can still discuss injuries in the main thread, but consider this the Honeycomb hideout for all things fuckity (medically speaking). <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
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Andi...the appts are def time and mony consuming!! Being aggressive now will def save on both!! Get a routine and stick to it! I find when I let up on my routine, that is when the damn thing acts up!! It is hard and def time consuming but I want to run so this will probably always be a part of my running routine! My body just can not handle longer distances like others can!<br>
I think since you have not gotten to the pain stage, you caught it early and you should have good results!! Stay on top of it....good luck start this stuff, reduce your mileage and gradually start adding some mileage if it feels better in a few wks or so and see how it does!! Please pm me anytime you have any questions!!
ANDI I have found tight hips are huge...def get those stretched out good NOW!! Massage may help too!!
but also find out what is causing the tight hips. My hips are weak, so they fatigue after a certain mileage...I am working on strengthening exercises to help that problem!
sb - unfortunately, the only time I get to myself is at 5am. I have a gc for a massage that I got for christmas and I have yet to use it. I need a 24hour massage parlor!
I started strength training again this morning. I am going to try to fit yoga in every night too. I hope I can fix it, or keep it under control, but only time will tell.
I just got back from the doctors, and it looks like I am once again injured this time it is morton's neuroma, looks like I will be spending more time in the pool running. She also recommended spenco inserts, and put in a referral to a Podiatrist, for custom inserts.
Marine - Aww, that sucks. You can join my pity party if you want.
Thanks Andi, I may just take you up on the offer. I did ask if I could run, and she said to take it easy and cross train.
Sorry Marine!! Take it easy!! I am glad you have a diagnosis
Andi-you don't have to stop running but you do need to get to the bottom of your problem, by the time it hurts, things are too tight. Work on stretching and strengthening everything from hips down to calves. It is all inter-related and is all important. Feel free to PM me with anything. I've am an IT survivor <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Andi, not sure what kind of body you are looking for but damn, that avatar pic is pretty much what people strive for. I'd say you must be doing something right.<br><br>
I have come to realize that I MUST stretch and not miss rest days or I end up hurting. So far I have been OK since March, but I feel twinges in the left knee occasionally and around my left ankle. Its all so erratic and subjective though. I never get the serious, easy to diagnose problems, I get those nagging unpredictable, kinda hurts, but might be fine tomorrow shit that is actually even more maddening. I am hoping to stay injury free until Mt. Washington. But I have a 10K this Sunday and a HM the following week. more thing...I want to second what Batmomm said about not running...taking time off for me (4 1/2wks) did nothing! What has worked the best for me is staying on top of the stretching and strengthening. If it becomes very painful then taking some time off would probably calm a bad flareup but with the stiffness I feel now, it actually feels better when I run ( slowly <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) and it feels more stiff when I take too many days off!
sb - I don't know what to do. I don't want to run with any pain because I am afraid to make it worse. Yesterday I attempted to walk after work (I had like 30 minutes before the kids got home). I made it about .5 miles before feeling discomfort. I don't want to side line myself permanently by being stubborn (aka stupid) and running through pain. I hope it feels ok on the bike and will attempt riding tomorrow if it is not too cold and/or windy.
Andi-no to freak you out but walking shouldn't cause your it any pain, walking should actually be a relief from the pain. If you bend your knee 45 degrees and gently push on the back do you get the pain?
Tendonitis causes pain even when walking. I had that last year. I just kept running through it because I didnt' feel any difference whether I ran or not. I used ibuproffen to control the pain and eventually it went away on it's own..<br><br>
Andi - Are you going to see the doc?
Um, no. I get the most pain if I do a forward lunge with my left leg, making my rt knee the one closest to the ground. It is my right knee that I feel the pain in.
Most likely not. I need to save my time for family things. I haven't even been able to make it to doctors that my life depends on me seeing like my oncologist and dermatologist. Like I said, if I can't get it to go away with trial and error, than my running days are over.
Naaaaaaaaaaaaah.... If one thing I'm sure of, is that your running days are not over... this will pass.. one day we'll talk about it and laugh..
Andi, Are you able to pool run? I picked up an aqua jogger and run in my pool, not sure if you have access to a pool, I had my DD doing this too with her ITB.
I agree, your running days are not over, I have been running on and off for over 25 years, I am coming back from my longest break from running (5 years) and my injuries are coming from overuse, and the added weight I am carrying.<br><br>
Take time off if you need it, just remember to re-build your base when you come back, that is what I am trying to do.
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