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Rehab Tent - Bitch about your injuries here

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That was easy.<br><br>
Of course you can still discuss injuries in the main thread, but consider this the Honeycomb hideout for all things fuckity (medically speaking). <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
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Hippo I'm so sorry to hear that man. I hope things turn around for you, even though I'd take that marathon finish time any day. I really hope this muscle pull in my quad is just temporary. I think my flexibility has gone to hell. I feel like I am too young to be this brittle.
What a disappointment.....
I heart you Batmom. OK, 9:30 Dr. appt. I'm expecting he will tell me to just throttle back and keep up with PT.
I was able to do most of my PT this morning except for the twist lunges. Not ready to attemtp those just yet. I will try a run tonight.
Sorry about all these injuries guys. Mine seem to pale in comparison. I just feel like I've lost flexibility and it seems like my range of motion is more restricted these days in my hips. I guess I'll just keep plugging and hope everything works itself out. I can certainly blame myself for dropping the ball on PT lately. I have had so little time and not much desire to add another hour to my routine every day, but I know I should at least try to get it done 3 days a week so that's what I'll shoot for. Nice MRI Sisu!
I'm really fucking tired of waking up every day and something being fuckity!<br>
For fuck's sake, I'm not old yet!!! Lately it's my left knee. Other days it's my left ankle or right hip. Its not like I'm frigging putting in 60 mile weeks or doing speed work. It's very discouraging. I really wanted to feel like I was more prepared for race season right now and I'm not feeling ready at all. It just feels like if I really exerted myself I would definitely pull something right now.<br>
OK, end rant.
sorry, I am really sounding like a whiner these days...this new blanket of snow is not improving my frame of mind. But I know many of you have worse injuries than mine. I'm going to try to really incorporate a daily regimen of stretching more often. I think that is the cause of much of my problems or at least a contributing factor. I just have had barely enough time to run lately, much less anything else.
You just gave me a huge grin. thanks, needed it! <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
I'd love to do yoga but I know I'd never actually watch the dvd. I regularly work on the balance ball stretching while watching tv now though. I have spent a lot of time stretching the last few days and it seems to be making things feel better. I was going to do a 7 mile run tongiht to make it 140 for the month of March but then I thought, what is the point in that? It's just a random day that happens to be the last day of the month. Running 7 miles to get my mileage up is not going to help me accomplish any of my goals. Just because someone else runs 200, or even 300 miles in a month does not make that right for me. I just need to stick to my own program and accomplish what I want to accomplish without getting distracted. I think its easy to get caught up in the mileage race and lose sight of your own goals. I am going to keep the running light for this week and recover from Sunday's dry run, and save up my energy for next Sunday. After that it will be lots of hill work to get ready for Mt. Washington in June.
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Andi, not sure what kind of body you are looking for but damn, that avatar pic is pretty much what people strive for. I'd say you must be doing something right.<br><br>
I have come to realize that I MUST stretch and not miss rest days or I end up hurting. So far I have been OK since March, but I feel twinges in the left knee occasionally and around my left ankle. Its all so erratic and subjective though. I never get the serious, easy to diagnose problems, I get those nagging unpredictable, kinda hurts, but might be fine tomorrow shit that is actually even more maddening. I am hoping to stay injury free until Mt. Washington. But I have a 10K this Sunday and a HM the following week.
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