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Rehab Tent - Bitch about your injuries here

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That was easy.<br><br>
Of course you can still discuss injuries in the main thread, but consider this the Honeycomb hideout for all things fuckity (medically speaking). <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
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Wow..just saw this JB...thanks so much for setting this up!!<br><br>
Chin up all you injured runners.<br><br>
MIne is my IT and sucks. but things seem to be better for me mentally this time around. It helps to have a better grasp of things going on in my body and what is causing this. Now just to find the right course of treatment!<br><br>
Had graston on Monday (2/1<img alt="cool.gif" src=""> and ran 3 pain free miles last night<br>
(2/19) have 2 miles on the schedule for tonight.<br><br>
Good luck everyone!
How is everyone doing??<br><br>
Abb, did you have a graston/art appt yet?? I can not remember which one your gal does??<br><br>
My graston is holding up, another pain free run last night followed by some core and yoga stretches. I actually found one on here that stretches the outside of the upper thigh so well!! It feels great! A runner friend of mine sent me some pages out of her Runners Repair Manual this wk....a section in there on feet, is very interesting. I think I may order the book for myself.<br><br>
This weekend will be the real test when I go 4 and 6, the last 2wks I was having pain with anything over 3...we will see how it goes!!<br><br>
Wishing everyone some relief right now. Hang in there!!<br><br>
Welcome Outthere! Hope you are feeling better!<br><br> pic! Please keep us posted with your knee!! I have been thinking about you and am worried about you and your knee!<br><br>
JB; What happened with PT?? I must have missed it!! I think yoga would help with your flexibilty issues!! <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> just sayin!!<br><br>
Andi: (((((HEALING VIBES))) for that foot!! I HOPE it is something simple and no injury!!<br><br>
Abb: how is your it band doing?? Remember to cut back with that running while it is healing!! I know it is hard!!<br><br>
Well I have not had any more graston appts and my knee seems to be holding up fairly well!! I did run at the arena on Monday night and lets just say my knee felt fuckity that night durring my run!! I know my IT/PF starts with my rigid foot and all the other biomechanical problems that go along with it BUT I am begining to realize that the track messes it up further. The last 2x I ran on the track before graston I had lots of pain! I guess I will need to break down and get that treadmil! But I feel better this time knowing I have a better grasp of what is going on down there and a better plan of action!!<br><br>
Wishing you all some speedy healing......Stay strong!!<br>
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Thanks ANDI, I have heard of that too. The only problem with the track is that they have directions posted as to what days you go what direction..when I am the only one or two on it, it is not a problem to go opposite midway thru, but when there are more then that I am continually having to dodge people!! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> I think I just need to avoid that place like the plague!! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br> wrong????? Do not say your IT BAND!!!!
ABB....I found this the other night...the first stretch they show is for tight IT works!!! I love it and have noticed a diff after doing it!!<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
JB this is the place to bitch and moan..did you forget the name of the thread?? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I know how you feel...spent all last fall and early winter beign the smart runner and gradually building up my base so I would be ready for my half training this spring...only to be dealing with the fuckity it band again!! SOmetimes it seems like life just continually keeps kicking me in the ass! I also deal with the WHY ME....A LOT!! I totally get what you are saying about how some can run 60 mpw..pain free and I struggle to get in my 20. It sucks and it is no ones fault.<br><br>
Hang in there..for me it is coming down to a lot of trial and error.<br><br>
PS I thought about googling FUCKITY RIGID FEET last night but then thought better of it!! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> FUCKITY RIGID FEET!! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> they suck!!
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HI alll just checking in!<br><br>
JB..I agree with the strengthening and stretching. I have figured out I need to religiously (2xper day) work on strengthening my hip/glutes for this IT to get better!! I also agree with Moni..walking after a hard run always seems to help my body recover quicker!! ONe thing have you ever thought of doing yoga?? It may sound corny but there are a lot of runners who swear by it. And if you find the right dvd it is not corny at all!! I have realized yoga has a lot of benefits...I am using YOGA FOR has several different workouts geared to different sports., football, running, soccer etc. I bought my copy on AMAZON and would find you the link if you are interested!!<br><br>
Glad everyone is hanging in there....((HUGS)) and chin up!! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
((ANDI)) def reduce mileage now! It is a TRICKY thing to diagnose and treat..are you thinking yours could be from M training..too many miles?? IF that is it, it may be easier..if it is could be more difficult....this is what I have found works for me best when I start feeling stiffness..I can usually hold off a flare-up with just this.....<br><br>
1)rest or reduce mileage (depending on severity) taking time off could be helpful but it will not heal it! you could take 6 months off and come back and if you have not cured what caused it in the first will most likely be dealing with it again when your mileage inceases ( mine breaks down after 20mpw)<br>
2) stretch/ice/foam roll each 3x per day....I get good results from stretching my calves and hip as well as my it band.<br>
3)start my strengthening (hip and butt) exercises and wearing my orthotics (i can sometimes attribute mine to getting lazy on my stretch/strengthening/foamrolling routine or not wearing my orthotics)<br>
4) YOGA<br>
5)massage and graston if the above does not help/solve it! But remember graston will cure the symptoms (pain, stiffness,etc) it will not cure the IT band injury....YOu need to figure out what is causing this and figure out what will work for you!! It does not just go away on it's on.<br><br>
ONE BOOK THAT I THOUGHT GAVE ME A TON OF GREAT INFO ON IT BAND INJURIES WAS THE LORE OF RUNNING by TImothy Noakes...I bought my copy at B&N and believe it is well worth the $30 I spent.<br><br>
If you need some stretches let me know.....the pigeon pose in yoga is a great way to stretch it out!! I have found stretching my hips helps greatly!! And remember I am no expert but hope these few things I have given you can help you!! everyone is diff and the reasons why mine occurs could be very different from the reasons your occurs!! Be patient and smart! Let me know if you need anything else or have anyother questions!! MIne is def not healed...but following this routine keeps me running with out pain!! I usually just feel stiffness/achiness now.
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Andi...the appts are def time and mony consuming!! Being aggressive now will def save on both!! Get a routine and stick to it! I find when I let up on my routine, that is when the damn thing acts up!! It is hard and def time consuming but I want to run so this will probably always be a part of my running routine! My body just can not handle longer distances like others can!<br>
I think since you have not gotten to the pain stage, you caught it early and you should have good results!! Stay on top of it....good luck start this stuff, reduce your mileage and gradually start adding some mileage if it feels better in a few wks or so and see how it does!! Please pm me anytime you have any questions!!
ANDI I have found tight hips are huge...def get those stretched out good NOW!! Massage may help too!!
but also find out what is causing the tight hips. My hips are weak, so they fatigue after a certain mileage...I am working on strengthening exercises to help that problem!
Sorry Marine!! Take it easy!! I am glad you have a diagnosis more thing...I want to second what Batmomm said about not running...taking time off for me (4 1/2wks) did nothing! What has worked the best for me is staying on top of the stretching and strengthening. If it becomes very painful then taking some time off would probably calm a bad flareup but with the stiffness I feel now, it actually feels better when I run ( slowly <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) and it feels more stiff when I take too many days off!
Andi...when I bend my knee and press on the side (bony part of my knee at the bottom) that is the spot I feel pain.<br><br>
Since going to the dr doesn't work for you..I would def reduce mileage or rest (if can not run without pain) for a few wks and make sure to ice and stretch and strengthen really well at least a few times a day. Start yoga and xtrain if you can not run. It is work but worth it so you can keep on running. After a few wks slowly up mileage to what was comfortable before your marathon training and see how it goes....then if you feel like it, in the future you could try upping mileage slowly..right now I would not go back to what you were running durring marathon training..but I am very cautious with my mileage, maybe too cautious I don't know! GOOD will get thru this!!
my calf has knots, my hip is tight, and my knee was stiff on MOndays run...not the whole time, it would stiffen up and then be fine for another mile and then stiffen up again..did that about 3x total on the 5mile run....OK THERE I SAID IT!! I am doing yoga, stretching and foam rolling like crazy! I have been noticing the hips gets tighter as the day goes on..I am sure it is from being on my feet all day. UGGG!! Need some heaing vibes if you have any!!
Thanks ANDI..I think you are being smart and resting like you should!! YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!! Lets keep each other going with this!! I tend to go strong and then the painor stiffness goes away and I let up and it comes back. IT is a bitch of an injury but you will get thru this!!
Mine when it was at its worst would stiffen up terribly when I sat with my legs bent!! Ibu might help with swellling. I do stretch really well after each is finding the time to fit everything else (icing, yoga, foamrolling) in..exactly what was being talked about over on RMAD today. With 3 kids my nights are busy. I can usually get a good strength workout, and stretching session in over naptime and can foam roll on the floor while the kids play..but somedays I don't even have time to pee much less foam roll!! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> I am hoping in 11 days when I am done for summer it will become more of a habit and will be easier to fit in when I go back to work next fall! Plus both ds's will not be playing baseball and dh will not be coaching 2 it should settle down some! <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
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