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Rehab Tent - Bitch about your injuries here

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That was easy.<br><br>
Of course you can still discuss injuries in the main thread, but consider this the Honeycomb hideout for all things fuckity (medically speaking). <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
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ooh. my kind of thread.<br><br>
2 weeks ago, I was taking the boys out for lunch. Before leaving, I jumped on my 7 yo's scooter for a couple of nice sweeping runs down the driveway. #3 ended up with the wheel catching the edge of the driveway and me taking a nice tumble. Should've been an easy one, but I guess I'm old now. A perfect demonstration to the kids why I require them to wear a helmet - giant bump on the head - in addition to a couple of bruised ribs. The pain has subsided a bit so hoping they're not broken, though i do get some popping around in the cartilage area. I broke quite a few of them 15 years ago and recall it being much more painful. Though the first 3-4 days felt the same.<br><br>
Brilliant move dad. DS won't let me use his scooter anymore <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src="">
1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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