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Recovery run

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<p>Today's recovery run put a new twist on the term.</p>
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<p>Around the park and out to the breakwater I go.  About halfway along the breakwater, I hear someone yelling.  Looking out into the water, I can see two heads in the distance and what looks like a windsurfer sail behind them.  There are often groups of divers in the area, but this was far beyond where they usually go.</p>
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<p>To me, it sounded like someone was in trouble.</p>
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<p>Thankfully, the pilot boat was coming ashore, so I started waving my arms over my head and pointing in the direction of the duo in trouble.  A tourist had a phone and called 911.  The pilot boat turned around, although I wondered whether they might be going out to the cruise ship coming in.  I watched as rounded the tip of the breakwater.  Phew!  They made their way toward the two heads in the water, lowered whatever that thing is on the back, and the two climbed on.</p>
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<p>The pilot boat really booted it once the two were in, so everyone watching the goings-on expressed concern.  The ambulance arrived and the attendants were taking the stretcher to the dock.  About halfway out to the dock, they turned back, so I assume the two were okay.</p>
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<p>I guess others didn't hear the panic I thought I heard from the voice out in the water.  They assumed they were part of the dive school.  Anyway, I'm relieved it looks like there was a happy ending.</p>
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<p>Pretty exciting stuff their Chris!!</p>
<p>Wow, good thing you had your ears turned on!<br><br>
My staff are currently developing our annual lifesavings award video. Every year my organization recognizes citizens who have saved lives in Washington State. If you lived here I'd be making a video of <em><strong>you</strong></em> this time next year!</p>
<p>Thank you, SS, for paying attention and acting on what you noticed. So many people would just rather not notice, nor get involved. Those two in the water thank you as well, I'm sure.</p>
<p>Runners are so alert to the their surroundings . . . when they aren't plugged into their ipods that is <img alt="" src="" style="width:16px;height:16px;" title=""></p>
<p>I'm glad you were in tune and acted on what didn't seem right.</p>
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<p>nice recovery run.</p>
<p>WTG, SS.  The Pink Fairie (incognito) to the rescue!</p>
<p>As a former lifeguard for six years, I salute you Dearest SS! <img alt="" src="" style="width:23px;height:18px;" title=""></p>
<p>Wow, definitely another good reason to not wear iPods and such when out running! Good for you on being there and paying attention!</p>
<p>Lab is right.  I guarded for years, and you get in the habit of watching the water.  Good for you SS for being alert and taking action.  Spareribs</p>
<p>Saving someones life is special but it really messes up your splits.</p>
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<p>Well done SS.</p>
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