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Random... urr... Selected Thoughts from vacation

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<ul><li>I tend to acknowledge anyone I meet who is wearing a Boston Marathon jacket.  I was a bit non-plussed when someone stopped me in Peterborough to acknowledge the fact that I had run the Banff-Jasper (I was wearing my tech shirt).  The more that I tried to play it down the stupider I felt.  The Banff-Jasper is the successor to the race this guy really wanted to run.  It isn't nearly as hard-assed, it doesn't go all night... that sort of thing.  But darn it, our team won.  That's hard to downplay without sounding like a ijit.  So I smiled sweetly and thanked him and felt the impostor. </li>
<li>Gosh, nothing like being close to sea level to improve your times.  Really.</li>
<li>My family is loud.  Really loud.  Thank goodness for hearing aids.</li>
<li>Whole Food Markets.  Really?  Organic big business?  Really, for true? </li>
<li>Kicking through leaves never loses its allure.</li>
<li>I missed my banjo</li>
<li>Walking through Carolinian (Eastern Deciduous Woodland) Forest, I realized how much I miss the hardwood forests of the east.  The western forests, spruce, pine, and such are cold.  They never sleep, but are quiet observers...  the eastern forests are passionate, warm, but so sleepy at this time of year. </li>
<li>Wine.  More please.</li>
<li>The wife is now a beer lush.</li>
<li>There is absolutely nothing like an infant sleeping on my shoulder or tummy to put me to sleep.  I'll take two please.</li>
<li>Sirius XM 32 (The Bridge).  Seriously?  How many times do I have to hear "Doctor My Eyes"?  Who programs this?  This deserves its own thread I think.</li>
<li>I really really really really dislike driving in 12 lanes of traffic bumper to bumper at 70 miles per hour.  I have crossed the event horizon and am now a hick in the big city.</li>
<li>Wind power.  All for it, but out here you can't build a tower within a km of a house.  Ontario has them right up against people's farm houses.  Not sure I'd be able to live with the noise and vibration.</li>
<li>Brick houses with porches, verandas, wrap-around decks, etc.  The world needs more of them.</li>
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<p>Jalapeno Flavored Bacon Bits!</p>
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