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Race Qualification Methods

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<p>The 2011 Boston Marathon sold out in about 8 hours this year.  Last year, it was right around Thanksgiving.  The year before, it was some time in February.  Prior to that, you could sign up a few weeks before the race in April.  So unless something changes it is highly likely that it will sell out in less than an hour next year.</p>
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<p>I started at 9 am ET (which was 5 am Alaska time) and couldn't get signed up for an hour and 15 min this year.  There has been some speculation about the various methods that BAA might use to limit the field size and make it less of a internet-rush to sign up.  Various methods they could utilize include:</p>
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<p>- making the entry qualification standards tougher (i.e. lowering the time requirements for various age groups).</p>
<p>- instituting a lottery system similar to the one used for New York City marathon.</p>
<p>- making certain races qualifiers and having a certain number of slots per race (similar to IM Hawaii)</p>
<p>- increasing the cost</p>
<p>- allowing current year racers to sign up for next year's race before everyone else</p>
<p>- leave it as it is</p>
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<p>What do folks here think?  Any systems you would prefer they implement?</p>
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<p>There are temporary stop-gaps you can implement (say, making eligibility good for only one year and making the qualification times tougher) but let's face it, just by sheer population gains as well as continued growth in the running/triathlon world, numbers are going to overwhelm any fixed-number-of-participants event, especially one with a certain level of prestige involved.</p>
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<p>Provided they don't want to anything like a second Boston Marathon-type event, it's probably going to eventually have to come down to something like a lottery, maybe similar to what the NYC Marathon or perhaps Western States has.</p>
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