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race mindset/tactic question

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Hi. Starting to think about my first event of 2008. March 30th, 16 mile road race (very flat course). I've a stated goal to run this in 2:16, 8:30 pace. C - race . Strategically I see it as a link between winter base building and the spring/summer, sort of a major test: where am I, fitnesswise?<br><br>
I've not run a race with a specific time-goal before (never been fit enough); have previously gone into these things thinking vague , hope I finish - wonder how long it'll take?, type thoughts.<br><br>
So the question(s): Do I aim at every mile marker and look to be 8:30 per mile consistently through the event (and speed up if I'm strong near the end). Do I deliberately aim to run 5 or 8 or even 10 miles slower than 8:30 and then see where I'm at/how i feel? Do I try to find another runner who seems to be at my level and use them as a tow?<br>
What mind-set works for you? Any advice? tnx.
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I have been trying to stick with consistent splits, other than hills. If I know that a course has some hills, then I will plan on being a bit slower on the up hills and faster on the down and flats. A year ago I did my first sub 60 10k and started a bit slower than an even pace and just kept picking up the pace a little bit every mile. That worked very well, but I could've started a bit faster and made a better time. In my latest HM, I was shooting for a similar strategy (8:10 to start hoping to increase every mile or 2 and finish with a 8:00 average). The first 2 miles and the last 2 miles were my fastest 4 miles. I got lucky at the start and was at the front of my corral, so I accidentally went out too fast. Since I finished with a solid last 2 miles, I think I should have pushed harder in the late-middle miles where I started to fade.<br><br>
Whatever you decide, stick to it as well as you can, but be willing to be a little flexible. Then, after the fact, analyze you results and decide if you could have done better by a- sticking to the plan better or b- by choosing a different plan. Then write it down and reread it when planning your next race. That is how to learn what works best for you.
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