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race mindset/tactic question

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Hi. Starting to think about my first event of 2008. March 30th, 16 mile road race (very flat course). I've a stated goal to run this in 2:16, 8:30 pace. C - race . Strategically I see it as a link between winter base building and the spring/summer, sort of a major test: where am I, fitnesswise?<br><br>
I've not run a race with a specific time-goal before (never been fit enough); have previously gone into these things thinking vague , hope I finish - wonder how long it'll take?, type thoughts.<br><br>
So the question(s): Do I aim at every mile marker and look to be 8:30 per mile consistently through the event (and speed up if I'm strong near the end). Do I deliberately aim to run 5 or 8 or even 10 miles slower than 8:30 and then see where I'm at/how i feel? Do I try to find another runner who seems to be at my level and use them as a tow?<br>
What mind-set works for you? Any advice? tnx.
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I agree that there are a lot of different approaches. Everyone is different. I personally like to see the times. I try to run pretty consistent until the end. I haven't raced much, so the longer races are harder for me to gauge. I'm trying to figure out the same thing for my upcoming HM. I have looked at the race course and the elevation to help me. I've run the course before, so I know the 2nd half is much harder with the hills. The beginning is uphill, so my goal is to run the minimum pace I want to up that hill (which is 3 miles), then after that I'll just try to maintain it or run faster on the downhills. I think if you are more experienced, you can just do what your body tells you, but for longer distances, it can be hard to gauge unless you've run A LOT. This will be my 2nd HM, and my first I was just trying to finish. My goal was 2:00, but I'm aiming for 2:05 now. I'd like to run no slower than 9:30, which I know I can do. The question is how fast can I run? No clue for that distance!
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