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Race for the ROC 5K

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I never do race reports, but, well, here we go...I go on and on and on...<br><br>
I'm currently following HH's Novice Half-Marathon schedule. This weekend called for a 10k. Since I couldn't find one locally, I decided to go for a 5k in my hometown instead...that's called flexing the schedule, I believe.<br><br>
Saratoga Springs is known for horse racing, so it was cool that they had arranged a 5k through the race track and grounds...not to mention super cool that it would be all flat! I figured that would give me a better chance at a new PR, though I don't race very often (I think my last race was sometime last March) and I rather hate the internal pressure that comes with it.<br><br>
However, I <b>should</b> consider racing more often as it's like getting a colonic! I had my coffee and water and nerves, the perfect combination for a cleansing...I got to the track early to register and check out the competition (as it were), it was a nice 50-something degrees, blue sky, etc, etc. Not a hugely competitive event by any means.<br><br>
So, anyhow, my 5K PR from earlier this year is 27:52. The first mile, I am thinking, "I should stop. Why run? I should just walk home and write this off." Seriously. I'm my biggest motivator...I'm also <b>wheezing</b>, which is never a good sign first mile in.<br><br>
But...first mile...<b>8:34?!?!?!</b> I'm some kind of speed demon! I'm pleased with my time, and immediately feel myself slow down. Methinks I need to practice some sustained speed...I hit the second mile at <b>17:42</b>, (8:48 pace) so I've already lost some ground.<br><br>
The final mile, I can feel how heavy my body is and focus on keeping good posture and maintaining consistent turnover pace...but I'm getting passed by a lot of people. Boo hiss! Too bad I didn't take the opportunity to check out the stables and backstretch view of the racetrack while I was at it. Might as well have.<br><br>
I definitely think the strides I end all my runs with definitely are working out, as I see the finish line, kick it in with grunts and all, passing two people right at the finish line for a <b>27:54</b>. Hmph. Two seconds from my PR! If I had only started that kick a few seconds sooner.<br><br>
Definitely useful race for lessons learned:<br><b>First</b>, I <b>am</b> capable of running an 8:34 mile. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hello1"> It's not entirely impossible that I could do it again sometime...So that's something.<br><br><b>Second</b>, maybe someday soon I'll be ready to up my training to include some speedwork, so that I might do that pace two miles in a row!<br><br><b>Third</b>, well, I don't really have a third. Just bits and pieces of things to think about, like my self-defeating mental attitude which certainly contributes to my slowdown, the fact that my head was tingling during the third mile, which means I hadn't given up entirely (that's the precursor to nausea for me), that I need someone I know to compete with to keep up that <i>je ne sais quoi</i> during a race that helps me care that the multitudes are passing me.<br><br>
A lot out of a tiny little <b>5k</b>. But I enjoyed the lessons...and now I'm off to enjoy the day or take a nap or something.<br><br>
Thanks for listening!
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<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hello1"> Way to go Noni!! You did great. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="occasion5">
As you should! Congrats on a great race. You don't sound too bummed about coming so close to a PR. And you're right, every race teaches us lessons. Congrats again!
great race!<br><br>
2 seconds from You'll just totally smash it next time
Your first lesson learned (you can run an 8:34 mile) is the reason I like races...they show you how fast you can run if you really try.<br><br>
Excellent work!
Great job Noni! Sorry you missed the PR by so little, but it sounds like you had a good time. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
<b>Norah</b>! Great race!!! Way to go!
Seriously, <b>Norah,</b> great report. You are tough on yourself! And yes, if you want to beat your PR, you definitely have it in you. Sounds like fun to run on the Saratoga race grounds.
Wow! <b>Noni!</b> I wish I could keep that kind of pace.<br><br>
Great Race! Pat yourself on the back from me.
Nice job <b>Noni</b>! It's great to be that close to your PR, and it seems like you have a lot to take away from this race. You're speedy -- don't let yourself forget that!<br><br>
Great job!
Excellent <b>Norah</b>, Congratulations!
Nice near-PR! You'll crush it next time with a little more even pacing. Next time you do a race, if you happen to know the course or can G-Map it, try to find out where the 0.5 mile mark is and tell yourself to run easy to that point (like 9:00 pace). Then pick it up gradually from there and a few minutes after the 2 mile mark, release the hounds! It's a lot easier to hold a kick or surge when you know the finish line is coming because you can tell yourself "3 more minutes and then you can quit after you throw up!"<br><br>
Great job!
Congrats to you on a huge 1-mile PR and an almost 5K PR!
That can be tough when you go out and you see your first mile go by in record time. Sometimes that happens because you start out too fast, and then there might be times when you haven't started too fast but your brain can try to trick into thinking that. Whichever case, it can be a scary moment when you set a new mark in the first mile of a 5K because you know the next 2.1 miles could become very painful.<br><br>
5Ks can hurt.<br><br>
You did good.
Norah - Yay!!!!! Very nicely done - both on the race and the report! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
Nice runnin! 5ks hurt like a b*tch. Pacer had a good idea. Just so you don't feel alone I'm usually panting by mile 1 and ready to quit by the 1.5. That's just the way they go.<br><br>
Nice job running hard!
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