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One suggestion I received was a way for Race Directors to promote Races. Following up on that, I found a forum out on the web specifically for Race Directors. I posted there to introduce them to this site and offer a place for them to promote their races.<br><br>
We have our first race director registered! Here's the deal I've made with them. They will be able to promote their races here - free of charge - by posting in the Race Directors Corner. In turn, they'll add a flyer to their goodie bag promoting (now I need a flyer! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">)<br><br>
As RD's promote their races in this forum, I'll link the post to the front page area so the races are shown there also.<br><br>
Only RD's can post a new thread to the Race Directors Area - Other Members can 'reply' but can't post a thread. So, an RD must request access to that area by emailing me. Once they email me, I'll add them to the user group and they'll be able to promote their race.<br><br>
Our goal is to continue increasing membership - and get more exposure.<br><br>
So - who wants to help me make a flyer (8 x 10 ) to make as a PDF for the RD's to download and print????<br><br><br>

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Rich - you should ask for help from the general membership. Offer them some type of award/reward if they create the flyer. Maybe more PM space or something along those lines?
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