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R2R2R question

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A group of us are thinking about going out to run this sometime in late September/early October.<br><br>
Muddy or anyone else - how did you plan this? There must be some good information out there on logistics.<br><br>
Thanks in advance.
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Whatever you do....don't drive there & back in one shot!!!!<br><br>
As far as actual planning, there was a lot of online info on R2R trips, but relatively less on R2R2R. We got most of our info from responses to the posts I placed on CR & here (check the links that folks posted). The logistical stuff came from the NPS website...where to camp, what to expect, weather, trails, water, etc...<br><br>
There are a lot of differences in the season, so check the expected temps & weather first, & plan accordingly. September can be quite hot & October can bring lotsa rain (I remember a previous trip through Utah in late September brought rain every night).<br>
Whatever the conditions, prepare for the most awesome & toughest 50 miler. One of the difficulties is that (unlike mountain runs), the last miles are all uphill....& long.<br><br>
Because we did our trip on somewhat of a whim...we decided three weeks prior...we had very little time to plan. We divided the research...I was responsible for the road (getting us to the Canyon & back), Rick was in charge of trail logistics (water, elevation, trail info), Geoff took on accomodations (camping, food & beverages at the rim), Colin sorted out the van rental, Ean was treasurer, etc...<br>
We got together as a group to decide on our final trail selection, & we were fortunate enough to have a couple of friends who had run it before to give us their opinions.<br><br>
Part of the fun was the planning....oh....a case of beer helps as well.
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Eventually...but it's not in my head yet.<br><br>
Man! You will love it! Whatever you do, spend a few extra days exploring the area...Sedona is relatively close as well.
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