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The first time I puked during a race, I was 30 miles into a 50 miler & thought my race was over...until a gal from the Montrail team caught up & asked if I was OK. I replied that I puked, but unsure...she matter-of-factly said 'The body has an amazing way of balancing itself out"...& she carried on. Turns out she was right. I made my way to the next aid station & ingested what looked that time it was coke & melon. It worked.<br>
Another thing you could try to do, is analyze the....umm...puddle. After puking about 100 feet after leaving an aid station, I looked at the mess, did a calculation in my head, & figured I had simply over-stuffed myself & that I now had the proper amount of calories in my system.<br><br>
It's probably too much to cover in a single thread, but I would say that staying calm is probably the best thing you can's just a textured burp.<br>
One thing to remember, is that your body probably has enough reserves to carry on for another couple of hours...providing that the puking is a one-off incident...& you will get to the next aid station.
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