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I guess it depends on a lot of things: what's causing you to lose your cookies? how bad was the "session"? how do you feel afterwards?<br><br>
First things first: take a look at it and make sure you don't have anything freaky coming blood or something, or just ate something that didn't sit well.. Assess how you feel--can you walk a bit, are you gonna puke more? Get your business over and done with, and make sure you're able to continue on first. Don't push yourself too soon if you are REALLY hurting.<br><br>
Next, freshen up a bit. Rinse. Get the taste out. Walk it off for a few minutes. If it's on your clothes, rinse em off. Try to get it out of mind.<br><br>
Next, if you are able, pop some ginger. If you puked a good amount, you may want to rehydrate as well. Small amounts at a time though. Remember to take the proper amount of electrolytes in as well...really critical when you're up chucking. From that point on, I'd try to be cautious about what you take in...wouldn't do any painkillers that may upset things, and you may want to restrict caloric intake to things that are gentle--some sports drinks, gels, maybe saltines.<br><br>
My last puking episode was at TNF. I was fairly productive...lost a good bit o' fluid along with some chocolate brownies that just didn't like swishing around in 100 degree heat (apparently I don't do well with sugary snacks in hot temps). I had to walk about 5 minutes before even thinking about popping a ginger chew, and then it was about 10 minutes before I could even get to a really slow run again. Within a half hour, I was much better.
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