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Question on purchases through Amazon

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Rich, I actually have a few things sitting in my Amazon cart right now but I haven't purchased them yet. If I initiate my search through the Amazon link on this website and refill my cart with the items I'm going to buy, does KR gets a percentage of that sale? Or do you only get a commission if they are running related items that are advertised on the site and then purchased via the KR Amazon link?
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That's how it sounds to me too. I will gladly go through the steps of emptying my cart and then re-entering the Amazon store through the link on KR, and re-select the items I want to purchase so that KR can get the commission.
although, what does "qualifying items" mean? just certain items? What I'm planning on purchasing is a computer video card and a book (which does have to do with running). So, I wonder if the book would be a qualifying item but the computer item wouldn't? does it have to be running related stuff?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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