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Hi there, sorry for being slow to react - Nearly missed this.<br><br>
The difference between the C25K and my New Version is simply experience over the years and feedback from other runners who have gone through the programme. The C25K was written back in 1997, and over the years I have listened to the comments from people who have used the programme, and I have used it to train people one to one as well. I felt it needed a little adjusting to meet the feedback.<br><br>
It is amazing how relatively quickly the human body can start to adapt, and I felt that the changes were an evolution of the plan. It's not radically different, and in truth I would not advocate one over the other, with the proviso that I have thought of tweeking the plan over the years - When Rich asked me to design training programmes for the community here, it seemed an ideal opportunity to adjust, not too radically, but adjust to improve the overall system.<br><br>
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the C25K plan, hey thousands have enjoyed it, but my own experiences with it meant there were small changes I could make to, hopefully, benefit the running community.<br><br>
Hope this helps, and I truly appreciate the feedback. I don't profess to be the absolute last word on training, and we must always remember that these are generic plans, each individual will be different, but hopefully they will help.<br><br>
If anyone wants further advice, or more specific information, fell free to PM or email me directly, if you feel you don't want to share in public at first.<br><br>
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