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Pushing, pulling, and squatting with Tabata intervals

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This is going to be a way for me to see what happens if I try an idea I've read about. August 2005, I finally got off my sedentary skinny butt and started up with walking and golfing. Late 2006, I began running, broke my leg, oops, began doing upper body stuff early 2007 and last year I did running and the upper body work.<br><br>
One thing I've found over time is that my idea of fitness continues to evolve. So I don't know if I ever was a runner runner, now I'm tending to see running as a component to help achieve the fitness I would like to achieve. So I've been digging around and googling and all kinds of stuff.<br><br>
But let's get to the more specific point of this here thread -- for those unfamiliar with the idea, Tabata intervals are named after the Japanese researcher who found that a protocol of 20 seconds maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of easy effort/rest and repeated 8 times would produce significant gains in subjects' VO2max values. I've been playing around with these some since early in the month, mixing up various types of exercise activities to get some new workouts in. I've done them with sledgehammers and tires, medicine balls, push ups, pull ups, and I've thrown some Tabatas into runs.<br><br>
I came across an interesting message board thread yesterday:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I read and I thought, kewl! Or cool! I don't know. So I've decided to see if I can do the same idea with push ups, pull ups and squats. I'm hoping that it may help me some with the power part of strength, if I can get a static hold with something I can do well, but I'm not so good at explosively moving myself or an object.<br><br>
Yesterday, I did the push ups and pull ups --<br><br>
Push Ups<br>
Rd -- #<br>
1 -- 15<br>
2 -- 15<br>
3 -- 10<br>
4 -- 8<br>
5 -- 3<br><span style="text-decoration:underline;">6 -- 6</span><br>
T -- 57<br><br>
Here's where I learned that it's in the 3rd round of intervals that it begins to suck. This is where I began to feel like my muscles wanted me to stop. It just kind of hurt. You can see in the 5th round I could hardly do anything, my body had begun to feel noodle like. That gave me some recovery I guess because I was able to squeeze out 6 reps in the final round.<br><br>
Pull ups<br>
Rd -- #<br>
1 -- 9<br>
2 -- 5<br>
3 -- 4<br>
4 -- 3<br>
5 -- 4<br><span style="text-decoration:underline;">6 -- 3</span><br>
total -- 28<br><br>
This was kind of humbling. But this ends up requiring a bit of different pull up maybe. My first round of 9 were pretty much deadhang pulls, but in the second round I started kipping a bit. I'm not good at kipping pulls, people say you shouldn't kip on pull ups but actually it's a nifty bit of whole body coordination, one that I would do well to learn here. I was bloody glad when this was over -- my arms were throbbing.<br><br>
Today I did the bodyweight squats, with a medicine ball to ensure even descent level for each rep.<br><br>
Rd -- #<br>
1 -- 11<br>
2 -- 11<br>
3 -- 11<br>
4 -- 10<br>
5 -- 9<br><span style="text-decoration:underline;">6 -- 9</span><br>
Total -- 61<br><br>
Not such a big drop off here from the first round to the first, but by the 3rd round it definitely became uncomfortable with each time going up feeling like a little bit of hell on earth.<br><br>
It'll be interesting to see what happens. I wonder if over time the whole it starts to feel sucky feeling will come later or if the 3rd round will always mean welcome to the suckfest.<br><br>
This may or may not have any effect on running skillz, but I figure it fits in well into what I want out of becoming fit.
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Huge on the squats. Push ups and pulls still nice progression.<br><br>
Remind me not to piss you off in a dark alley.
Once again I had fun with the tabata intervals, did the pull ups and push ups Saturday morning and then did the squats late last evening. That's one of the great things about these guys is that it's a small time investment so even yesterday when I was thinking maybe I'd let the squats go til Monday, I knew all I really had to do was take a few minutes and get them done.<br><br>
For some reason, I couldn't get the columns to line up well, so I hacked out a spreadsheet, grabbed an image snapshot and have a new data presentation method --<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
About <b>pull ups</b>, I seem to be stuck on that 14 in the first round number. Managed to get 33 in the first 3 rounds a new high and was able to get 17 in the final 3 rounds. Can't say I noticed any difference in how things felt from the prior weekend.<br><br>
About <b>push ups</b>, the difference in this week's was better performance on the back end, where I managed 23 push ups in the last 3 rounds over the prior week's of 20. I was a bit disappointed as I had hoped to get 20 or more in the first round, it seems like a limiting type of factor I'm always working against is a lack of explosiveness and speed. I'm not planning on any strength workouts this week as I'm trying to get good and rested for the Broad Street Run on Sunday, but maybe I'll throw in a couple sets of clapping push ups during the week to see if I can't use some plyometric style training to get that first round number up over 20.<br><br><br>
For <b>the squats</b>, I felt all uncoordinated in the first round and got 18 done. My balance was much better after that and it shows up in how I did 19 in the second round, got another 19 in the third round as I began to feel my thighs starting to scream. Then it just became the usual things for the final 3 rounds, keep going as hard as I could and hoping that the thighs don't cramp up.<br><br>
Another triple digit performance, I was happy about that. I don't expect to get triple digits next weekend, if I run Broad Street hard for 10 miles my legs probably won't have 100 squats in them like this.
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<img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><b>Pull ups</b>. For the first time ever, when I did these Saturday afternoon, I like hit a mental wall. The third round I went up on the first rep and it just felt so miserable that I dropped to the floor and just kind of had a WTF moment that lasted 30 seconds until the 4th round began and I went back to doing them again. Aye yi yi.<br><br><b>Push ups</b>. Woot, finally broke through that plateau I had been stuck at with my totals in the first 3 rounds -- weeks 2 through 5 had seen 3 round cumulatives of 47, 47, 49, and 48. I was taking a rest week last week, but did do some plyometric push ups, clapping 2x10 Tuesday and Thursday, and simple plyos where I'd just push up, lift my hands up to separate from the floor, 10 reps each after the sets of clapping push ups. So maybe the rest and plyo work paid off as I broke through 20 rep mark in the first round and did a total of 55 push ups in the first 3 rounds.<br><br><b>Air squats</b>. These were miserable. I expected it though. I ran 10 miles pretty hard at Broad Street on Sunday and when I did these yesterday, Monday, my legs had nothing to them it seemed.<br><br>
I plan on doing Murphy again on Saturday. Hopefully I'll see an improvement on the time of 58:31 4 weeks prior.
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It was me and Murphy again this morning --<br><br>
1st mile -- 8:04<br>
100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats -- 31:49<br>
2nd mile -- 11:34<br><br>
I think mentally I pushed a lot harder this time. The 5-10-15 sets of the pull-push-squat section got really ugly feeling towards the end. Had to walk portions of the second mile. I guess I'll set a goal of getting under 50 minutes the next time, get the first mile in under 8 minutes and the pull-push-squat part done in under 30 minutes.
I ended up taking a weekend off from these last weekend, actually I did the push ups but I still felt nervous, almost sick, about the pull ups with the last time where I had been unable to do them in the 3rd round save 1 repetition. Even today I was still nervous about that prospect. I wasn't helped any by how I went out for a run this morning and almost immediately could feel my legs weren't there for running today, I ended up only running one mile because of that.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
Pull ups went much better than last time. I'd also say the quality of the form on the pull ups is much stronger throughout.<br><br>
I'm really liking the progress on push ups. Like the pull ups, the form is much steadier and I'm increasing the number of reps as well.<br><br>
Air squats were the suck this week. I got back up to triple digits after the last time which had come on the heels of the 10-mile run at Broad Street. But it was painful today, legs that didn't want to run this morning weren't too thrilled about going up and down like this. When the beeper on the watch went off the final time, I dropped down to my knees, it took about a minute before I could limp to a computer and I'm still gimping about some.
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Scratch - how are you finding that you're doing overall mixing CrossFit and running? I ask because my coaches are on my ass to ditch the running. I don't know what it is, but they're not fans of it at all <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
BTW - the idea of doing Murph scares the bejeezus out of me. I can't imagine running a mile after the squats. Ugh.
It can be really tough to figure out what to do sometimes, isn't it? I'm not exactly sure what my status is right now -- it may be I've run into a fatigue overload at this stage from all that I've done over the past 15 months.<br><br>
I know there seems to be a bit of bias against running in the Crossfit domain, but have you come across Crossfit Endurance? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Perhaps you might find some useful information from there ideas to crossbreed in a sense running and crossfit?<br><br>
I can tell you a mile run after 300 squats is all kind of ugly. You can get it done but it almost only gets done out of sheer momentum and a stupid will that you've come so far in getting Murphy done there's no f'ing way you want to not get it done.
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I've been checking the Endurance site for the past few weeks. I guess I can't fathom giving up my long runs <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> Aside from the fact that I tend to become something of a mileage whore, I LIKE running long.<br><br>
I need to just make a decision and go with it, I guess...
I've been doing the crossfit WOD along with the CF endurance workouts for about two-three months in preparation for a 100 miler. I'm a bit nervous about the mileage, I too am having a hard time not doing long runs. I've been using a compromise- I still do one long run of 25-35 miles every other week, and an intermediate run of 15-20 on alternating weeks. I do these runs more for testing stuff, though (run/walk ratio, foods, drinks, equipment, etc.)<br><br>
I have found my times for short races (5-25k) have improved dramatically since beginning CF and CFE. Overall, I think crossfit is a great strength training plan for runners, and crossfit endurance seems to be a very good program for improving performance in shorter races. The jury is still out on ultra distances, though...
Try this WOD. We came up with it, so we named it "quad annihilation".<br>
For time: 400 m sprint, 50 air squats, 400 m sprint, 50 air squats, 400 m sprint, 50 air squats, 400 m sprint, 50 air squats. First time for me was 14 minutes, and I was running like I was drunk at the end....<br><br>
There was a WOD recently posted on Crossfit called "Griff" also a great runner workout. You may want to check that one out. Its freaking awesome.
Quad annihilation... I like it! I think I may try that for a workout tomorrow morning!<br><br>
I haven't tried Griff yet, but a 400 run backwards would be both slow and painful. I'll add an occasional 50 yard slow backward run in my long runs, but even one lap around the track would be tough!
Yeah it killed. I ran it 11:30 and was the quickest of our group. Course I am the only runner of the group; and, they destroy me on the upper body work outs. I think my legs hurt for three days after that one. Did you see todays WOD on crossfit? 5 k for time? I pulled out a 20:38...I can't remember a time that I ran that hard for such a short distance. HEHE! Thinking of running another 10k tonight for the fun of it.
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