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Protein Powders

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Okay, I got protein powder because I'm chronically way short on protein... NOW...<br><br>
What all can I do with it?<br><br>
There were tons of flavors but I got vanilla assuming it would give me more leeway.<br><br>
Any mixes or anything?
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I love to use it for breakfast.<br><br>
Mix it with rolled oats or cream of wheat. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
The kind that I use is Dutch Chocolate flavored, so I just blend it with skim milk to make a chocolate shake kinda thing...Yum!
I've tried it as a flavored creamor in coffee. Doesn't mix well. In oatmeal--Not my favorite. Like you I just bought it last week and so far I like it best in 2% milk.<br><br>
I make a fruit/yogurt smoothie with the stuff I use. I just use nonfat yogurt, frozen berries and a small amount of OJ and whip it all up in the blender. Makes a nice breakfast.
I cook my steel-cut oats overnight in the slow cooker and set the timer so that it has a little bit of time to cool before I add anything to it. Otherwise the protein powder seems to get a little grainy when it is added. I've tried it in coffee and it did the same thing--yuck.<br><br>
Then I'll add a scoop of either vanilla or unflavored protein powder, a little brown sugar, a tbs. of chopped walnuts and a cup of slightly defrosted mixed frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries--3 pounds at Sam's Club for about $7.50). Usually I'll add a half cup of milk as well. The sour from the berries helps to counteract any chalky/pasty taste from the protein powder.<br><br>
You can mix the vanilla flavor into some unsweetened applesauce and add a skosh of peanut butter. It's from The Zone diet. I thought it sounded weird but it was pretty good. Kinda like an unusual pudding.
Throw about 8 oz of Naked Juice (or Bolthouse) into a blender along with a little honey, a cup of ice and a spoon or two of the powder. You could also throw in a piece of banana.<br><br>
If it's too thick maybe pour in a splash of soy milk, or regular milk (if you drink it.)<br><br>
Blend it up and enjoy!
Or how about tossing some in brownie batter?<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Surprised">
Hey, I never thought of that!!! I wonder if you could toss into batters, cookies, add to the protein content of some of our favorite high carb baked goods? I'm going to research this a little bit.
I've been mixing it in with my oatmeal & peanut butter. Delish.
I'd like to know what you find out....I tried cooking it with oatmeal versus adding it after cooking and that was a very bad idea. It turned the mixture into something like what you would get if you left a cup of milk sitting out for way too long and the remaining liquid was blood red. It also smelled very bad. Maybe baked goods would be different though--I did try this in the crock pot so it also cooked a very long time (about 3 hours).<br><br>
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