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<i>No way I'm losing this list in the changeover, so I'm parking it here for now. Feel free to join in. The list so far is below.</i><br><br>
Much more upbeat than the Death Pool! With almost as many potential candidates!<br><br>
Pick your guess for the nominee from each party, and the ultimate winner in November! Not who you want to win, but who you think will win.<br><br>
One vote each, and all votes must be in before the first primary in January. Aw heck, let's just say, by midnight on 12/31/07.<br><br>
Winner gets... um... their own political blog? Okay, fine, we'll stick with a case of beer, provided by CTW, naturally. You have to show up at one of Heavy's BBQs to collect your prize, though.<br><br>
And unlike the real elections, furners can play too!! How very ecumenical of me, don't you think?<br><br>
MnD – Clinton/Richardson over Giuliani<br>
MiniDriver – Obama/Sibelius over Huckabee<br>
Ripplerun – Clinton/Obama over Huckabee<br>
voq – Clinton/Richardson over Giuliani<br>
Blackbird – Clinton/Strickland over Huckabee<br>
donlibes – Clinton/? v. Huckabee – Bush wins<br>
skms – Gore/Mondale over Dole/Sensenbrenner<br>
aslowhiteguy – Guiliani/Huckabee over Clinton/Richardson<br>
Jamers04 – Clinton/Biden over Huckabee<br>
ElDuderino – Edwards/Obama over Huckabee<br>
ljwoodw – Guiliani/Huckabee over Clinton/Richardson<br>
cb – Obama/Edwards over Romney<br>
Desert Tortoise – Obama/Winfrey over Giuliani/Gotti (which Gotti? )<br>
Zapatista – Obama/Richardson over Giuliani/Hutchison<br>
Arrojo – Giuliani/Huckabee over Clinton<br>
BonitaApplebum – Clinton/? over Romney<br>
Diane95 – Huckabee/McCain over Edwards/Richardson<br>
Sir Real -- Guiliani/Huckabee over Clinton/Evan Bayh<br>
gebuh -- Huckabee/McCain over Clinton/Obama<br>
Ice Cream -- Clinton/? over Giuliani<br>
3SA -- Obama/Bloomberg over Giuliani<br>
DogMom – Nader/Hilton over Clinton/Richardson & Romney/Huckabee<br>
CTW – Romney/? over Clinton<br>
wyrillco - Obama/Edwards over Guiliani<br>
willmary - Clinton/Richardson over Romney

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We need to inject the spirit of relactation, nursing supplementers, cupfed babies and extended breastfeeding. We can't lose those, either.
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