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these things are on your platform.<br><br>
* We will get out of Iraq within 120 days of you taking over.<br>
* Develop a strategy of "fuck with us, do us harm, and we will send over those missles you can't see until they are up your ass. BTW - we will shoot them from 1000 miles away.<br>
* You will personally chair a think tank designed to QUICKLY develop alternate fuel sources including safely and efficiently utilizing ALL reserves in US territories. This could be in the form of tapping the Gulf, more from Alaska, clean coal, nuclear power, more up to date US refineries, heavy taxes on car manufacturers that make gas guzzlers, etc.<br>
* HEAVY taxes and fines on companies that purchase oil from Venezuala - even assholes can't threaten the Prez. Catch my drift 7-11?<br>
* Tell congress to stop wasting our money on trying to police sports.<br>
* Real - hard hitting TORT reform. I know, I know - it is all your buddies income (John Kerry) but really...enough is enough. If the infraction is bad fine the companies but don't give a person 2 million because the McD's coffee was too hot. Maybe this would help the next rant.<br>
* Take it personally that we have the strongest, most powerful, smartest country on the planet and we can not figure out how to provide quality health care to EVERYONE. Tort reform will help tons - but it won't fix the whole system. Put 5 HC experts on a team, let G.E. master black belts run the process and getrdone!!!<br>
* Old folks built this country - take care of them. Shame on us.<br>
* Drive reform that forces state funded universities to educate its residents before taking foreign students. A student that successfully graduated from that states HS system MUST, I repeat MUST, have priority over a genious kid from Hong Kong - no race slamming intended. Educate ours before others.<br><br><br>
Add your own thoughts below...I have a meeting to go or I could write all day.

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I'd vote for that candidate.<br><br>
Sadly it will never exist. You have to throw out something about the "other side" being the enemy to have a chance... . cause all the money in religion and politics is in the division.

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These things are in your platform:<br><br>
Keep taxes low.<br>
Listen to the military leadership to form your Iraq policy.<br>
Keep reasonable measures in place to keep the U.S. safe from attack.<br>
Secure the border and enforce immigration laws, including punishing those who employ illegal immigrants.<br>
Stay out of international environmental agreements that will cripple the U.S. economy.<br>
Ecourage the construction of nuclear power plants.<br>
Make lane sharing for motorcycles legal in all 50 states.
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