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prepping for my first 50

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I'm doing the Goofy Challenge in Jan and in May I'm doing my first 50 miler. How do I go about getting ready for the 50 miler after Goofy. I usually take a few days off after an event but, I'm not sure how I go about getting back on track. Do I take a few weeks of just easy runs or do I jump right back into training? What kind of long runs would you do after Goofy? Plus, I'm see there is a trail half/marathon two weeks prior to the 50 miler. Would you guys consider this for training purposes? Currently I'm up to 60 miles a week and feeling good!
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The trail half will be perfect. The poto is very similar terrain to the Ice Age trail.<br><br>
There is a group of us running on the poto this Sunday if you are interested.
There is going to be a new 50k/50m on the Poto in August 2008. More details soon.
Tortoise and Hare. Bruce Purdy will be the Race Director.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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