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POTD Threads?

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A thread was just posted in the prt about appreciating the Person of the Day threads!<br><br>
They really are neat and I think worth keeping.. But there are so many of them.. adding each one to the archives seems a bit inappropriate.<br><br>
But they are such a great introduction to the people here, and I think should be accessible over the long term.<br><br>
What do you think about adding a new forum for them. Either in the Archives, or as a sub forum in the PRT. It would be locked, or maybe not... so people could continue to read and post to them...<br><br>
But overall I think its a great way to highlight our members and a great way for new people to get to know the old timers! And as we go along, we continue to add more to it...<br><br>
Maybe even set up a calendar where people can sign up for it if they want to?<br><br>
I dont know, just brainstorming here.....<br><br>
What do you guys think???
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In the setup thread I have a link to them all. I was thinking though that as we go the older ones might be susceptible to being pruned. Perhaps a spot like an archive would be a good idea.
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