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POTD Threads?

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A thread was just posted in the prt about appreciating the Person of the Day threads!<br><br>
They really are neat and I think worth keeping.. But there are so many of them.. adding each one to the archives seems a bit inappropriate.<br><br>
But they are such a great introduction to the people here, and I think should be accessible over the long term.<br><br>
What do you think about adding a new forum for them. Either in the Archives, or as a sub forum in the PRT. It would be locked, or maybe not... so people could continue to read and post to them...<br><br>
But overall I think its a great way to highlight our members and a great way for new people to get to know the old timers! And as we go along, we continue to add more to it...<br><br>
Maybe even set up a calendar where people can sign up for it if they want to?<br><br>
I dont know, just brainstorming here.....<br><br>
What do you guys think???
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That was my thought exactly Grizz. Eventually some of them are going to disappear, and I would hate for that to happen.<br><br>
If we create a place to put them all, your post would likely still be a sticky at the top for easy access to them.
Some great ideas! Thanks <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
So, how does this sound?<br><br>
We set up a new forum, as a sub forum to the PRT. It will be solely for the POTD threads. It would be set up so users could not start new threads. (Rich can that even be done?) But it would left so that users could post to the threads that are there. Grizz's index thread would be a sticky in that forum.<br><br>
Then, we would encourage people to link to their POTD thread in their profiles, so that if someone wanted to find out more about that person. they could find a link in their profile. (IF we could get people to really do that.)<br><br>
Along with that... we would also do some promoting of it by posting in the clubs groups, Starting Gate forum etc, inviting people to sign up for a day to do a POTD thread if they want to. (Maybe by pm'ing grizz to be added to the index thread? Grizz?)<br><br>
So, your thoughts on doing something like that? (If it could be done, Rich???)
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ok, that would be fine too.... Would it have to be a subforum then? Can we just add a forum so that it is more easily found by people? Not that many people regularly access that area and if they didnt know it was there........<br><br><br>
Just a thought.
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