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I loved the last round of the VRAA!! I've been apart of two now and it has driven me to run farther and farther each time! I have to say, I take part in a little smack-talking here and there and that's a great motivator. OK, I lied, I smack-talk every chance I get, in threads, pm's, email and real life. The VRAA motivated me to join a running club of an arch enemy on that damn 'Team W,' just so I can add some more points! The VRAA also helped me to ramp up my cross-training, adding loads of swimming to my weekly activities!! I have no idea what my final point number was or where I ranked but I tried every day to put up points and rush home and log them in with a big smile on my face!!<br><br>
Thank you roots and Harry Trotter and everyone else who's been apart of the VRAA, it's an awesome experience, give it a try if you've never done it before, the extra motivation is fantastic and the people are great!!<br><br>
Except for Damn Team W, I still hate them.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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