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Polticis, religion and church

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does the pastor/priest/rev/rabi of your church preach politics? i've been listening to talk radio on & off today. they've been playin clips of sermons in different churches from different parts of the country, all relating to obama. some of the words spoken on the pulpit had to be beeped out on radio.<br><br>
the day my pastor starts preaching polticis in a way that is an attempt to influcence my vote, is the day i find another church. and i have to admit i was mildly shocked that clergy members use verbiage on the pulpit that has to be censored on talk radio.
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I attended a Baptist church in Texas for a while that had an (otherwise) moderate and humane minister who would sometimes diverge into politics. Not so much talk about particular candidates (which is dangerous for a church's tax exemption), but pretty points stuff on controversial issues. I often didn't agree, but then I often disagree with preachers.
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