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The 200 can be a little glitchy when it comes to HRM, but, with a little time you'll be able to figure it out.<br><br>
Were the contacts on the strap wet? It makes a difference that you start out that way. Some even use a gel and claim great results. I use warm water and it typically worked pretty well. I've heard some use salt water... the theory being salt is a good conductor.<br><br>
They will also get clogged so keep them clean. A lot of folks recommend a little chlorine water for cleaning.<br><br>
I get readings like that every now and then but I've figured out it's typically a contact issue or lack thereof that causes it. Once you get used to what typical readings are, once you see those numbers pop up, you'll know they are off, but you'll also know by experience what the numbers should be.<br><br>
Did you get the footpod?
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