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Pikes Peak Marathon/Ascent registration today!

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Folks who care probably already know, but time flies. I thought it was next Wednesday.<br><br>
Registration for the Ascent opens at noon Mountain (2PM Eastern) and the Marathon at 1PM (3PM Eastern).<br><br>
They've also tightened the qualifications. The Ascent requires either completing one of the races in the past under a certain time or a completed half marathon (< 2:30) or a full marathon (< 5:30). The Marathon requires a either completing one of the races in the past under a certain time or completing a full marathon (< 5:30).<br><br>
Good Luck. I think registering for the races will be more difficult that running them!<br>
Chris G
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Horray! Are there any other KickRunners who made the registration race?<br><br>
I was on the fence about running the Double. Anyway, I figured I would head out to lunch and if there were still openings for Wave 2 Ascent (its my first year for either race) when I returned I would do it. Fate never leads me wrong <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
It looks like the new qualifications slowed things down. I was able to register 45 minutes after registration open! BUHAHA.<br><br>
If I remember correctly from last year, it was a few weeks before the Wave 1 Ascent filled. For locals, the Triple Crown Series is always an option. Last year, there were still openings for the marathon 1 week before the Garden of the Gods 10 miler.<br><br>
Chris G
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