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Philadelphia Marathon 2008 - Any one want to make it a Gathering?

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OK, it's early, but you have to prepare for these things - Only 51 weeks on Sunday, so get training.<br><br>
Would anybody like to consider a small gathering of 30's and friends (and interlopers), around the races in Philadelphia towards the end of November - I heard somewhere that these sort of gatherings take place and one or two people have a bit of fun - Any takers?<br><br>
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Dude, my legs are still sore!<br><br>
Let me check my schedule for 2008...<br><br>
April: Boston.<br>
May: Vermont Marathon.<br>
September: Adirondack Marathon.<br>
October: Mohawk Hudson River Marathon.<br>
November: NYC Marathon.<br><br>
... Sure, I can fit it in!
I thought Philadelphia <i>was</i> in the south.
What's your hurry? You're so young, you'll get all 50.<br><br>
You know, now that I'm up to 22 marathons I've started thinking about trying to be a 50 stater. But the problem is I've repeated so many races I'm only up to five states!<br><br>
Vermont = 8 marathons.<br>
New York = 6 marathons.<br>
Massachusetts = 4 marathons.<br>
Pennsylvania = 3 marathons.<br>
California = 1 marathon.
I came back to Philadelphia two times because I had unfinished business there: break 3:30. And now that I've done it I don't have a great desire to return, but I really think it's a great town to visit. Plus, my wife has missed the last two Philly Marathons with injuries so she still wants to run it.<br><br>
I am looking to expand to other races in other states, but still plan on doing Boston and Vermont every spring. Aw hell, if I could afford it and get the time off from work, I'd do one every month!
Dude-ette! I'm going to do NYC next year too! I'm a guaranteed entrant, thanks to my 3:29 at Philly (patting self on back). So I'll definitely be there, although that won't necessarily stop me from doing Philly too. I mean, they're two weeks apart, right?
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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