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2:59:35 (splits 1:27:25/1:32:13 = torture)<br>
i'm disappointed, but happy it's over.<br>
on the bright side, i met the selbs at the expo: what great people!<br><br>
mile/pace/avg heart rate<br><br>
1 - 6:44 - 142<br>
2 - 6:53 - 151<br>
3 - 6:36 - 154<br>
4 - 7:10 - 154<br>
5 - 6:22 - 154 (so that makes two 6:46s)<br>
6 - 6:30 - 155<br>
7 - 6:31 - 155<br>
8 - 6:41 - 153<br>
9 - 6:34 - 154<br>
10 - 6:41 - 154 (6:40 avg through 10)<br>
11 - 6:41 - 155<br>
12 - 6:30 - 153<br>
13 - 6:46 - 151 (half split 1:27:2x, nailed it)<br>
14 - 6:36 - 153<br>
15 - 6:44 - 153<br>
16 - 6:52 - 154 (uhoh, this feels too hard)<br>
17 - 6:54 - 154<br>
18 - 6:50 - 154 (downhill but still slow)<br>
19 - 6:50 - 152 (stopped looking at splits here, just run)<br>
20 - 6:54 - 152<br>
21 - 7:06 - 153<br>
22 - 7:11 - 152<br>
23 - 7:25 - 151<br>
24 - 7:26 - 152<br>
25 - 7:17 - 152<br>
26.2 - 8:51 - 154<br><br>
my pre-race plan: run a 1:27:30 half, about 6:40 pace, then run a negative split and finish below 2:55. bah! so much for the plan.<br>
timed my warmup poorly... ended up running race pace to the bag drop, then back to the corral, and pinning my gels on my shorts as they sang the national anthem. i think my bib number was tilted for the whole race... just a little too rushed at the start. oops, amatuer.<br><br>
started a little slowly, so my pace was a bit scattered through the early miles. brian from tucson was with me after mile one i think, and manny from another tucson group was there too. manny took off a little bit (huh?) and got up to 200m ahead of the two of us. there was a confusing split, where the marker must have been off. but brian and i were doing some pretty even pacing, and my heart rate was right where i wanted it, so the early miles went well. we were joined by a friendly guy, orange-shirt oregon, and the three of us hit the miles with even splits. i admit to drafting behind the two more than i led, but hey, i was the oldest guy of the three, so i was teaching them to have respect for their elders. oregon guy was a cyclist, and talkative, and a fine runner, so his chatting kept my mind off some miles.<br><br>
we caught my friend manny. as we approached, i surged up from our pack and pinched his butt. got a smile from him and a few laughs. his hamstring was hurting him, he yelled (wearing his mp3 player). he had problems this last week, had gotten some massage work, but looks like it was still a problem. he had a rough day, finished well behind his fitness level.<br><br>
we hit 10 right on pace; the clock read 1:06:42 so a 6:40 average, and i was elated. we had a few downhill miles then, so i stayed relaxed, and we hit the half tape right on the mark. executed the first part of my plan perfectly! yeah! would have been great to stop there...<br><br>
...but we turned a little uphill again after the half, and i knew something wasn't going well; it felt harder and my pace was slowing. this would be the theme for the next 13 miles. oops. oregon guy stopped at a portajohn; he and brian had gotten a 50m lead on me as i struggled a bit. but i was still picking off runners. we turned onto a flatter road, with some curves... no one was running the tangents, except me, so i got some easy pickings on that road. but i was realizing that i wasn't going to run negative splits, so i switched to plan b: run a 2:55.<br><br>
i caught brian just before we hit downtown scottsdale, and we turned down the last 8 miles... mostly all south, mostly all downhill (140ft drop over 8 miles, but i can feel that). brian was hanging on and we talked a little, but i could tell he was tired. he would slowly veer to his left, and we'd bump elbows. i'd move over, and he'd slowly veer again. he dropped back for a while and drafted, but after another mile or so i lost contact with him.<br><br>
even though it hurt more, i was still slowing down. on to plan c: set a pr (break 2:5<img alt="cool.gif" src="">. i remember running a few 6:50-ish splits; i'd see the split, curse a little, put my head down and try to run harder... next split, same. after a few i stopped looking at my splits.<br><br>
i hate running this way: start out too fast, and slowly die a horrible death. i hardly do it in practice... so it feels unfamiliar as well as painful. the only mental tool i pulled out was when i saw a slow split, and fear started creeping in, i tried to stay in the moment. i took a little survey of how i felt: it hurt, but all-in-all it was a sunny wonderful day, i was running well, the moment was good. i kept trying to run in the moment, and not panic over my back-sliding goals, or the fact i was being passed by people now. "the only thing you can do is run the best you can run in this moment right now, forget about the last mile and don't worry about the next one." it became my mantra. i tried to smile and straighten my running form.<br><br>
by mile 23, mentally i was on to goal d: break 3 hours. we took a little detour to avoid road construction. i knew it would be close, so i was trying to focus on short quick strides. back onto the road and oregon guy caught and passed me; i cheered him on. in the last mile, a guy with a 3:00 target time pinned on his back passed me. uhoh, it's getting way too close i thought. down a little hill, around a few turns (people were running tangents now!) and into the long finish chute. i remember the announcer reading a list of women who qualified for the trials as i approached the finish... finally i could make out the time clock, and it was still 2:59<img alt="mad.gif" src="">x, so i was there. no need for goal e. phew.<br><br>
(notes to self to read during next taper madness: )<br>
all-in-all, i had overestimated my fitness level. i ran my plan, but it was a poor plan to run this race. my fast finish long runs "predicted" a 2:53... my yasso 800s also predicted 2:53. next time i train for a marathon, i'll remember to add 6 minutes to the times those workouts predict! in retrospect, i was training about the same as i did last year, and i ran 60 seconds slower than last year, so no surprise really. next marathon, make a better plan, and err on the conservative side.<br><br>
brian had a rough finish, but still managed something like a 20 minute pr. a speedster from our group, todd, who has run more 110 mile weeks than i can count, ran 2:41, a 58 minute marathon pr! don't know how many women qualified for the trials, but i did hear that local favorite susan loken (a great arizona masters runner) had a hard day, not making the olympic a standard 2:39 (she dropped behind todd near mile 14). i do remember seeing a pavement message to her around 21... it was a big heart chalked in the road, with the simple phrase "believe susan". after i read it i remember trying to believe too, cause that's what the marathon is all about; apparently it didn't work for either of us today... but that's why we run the next race and test ourselves again.<br><br>
next up: the boomers mixed-masters desert relay on leap day! i am so so so so so so so looking forward to running with you guys and just plain having fun!

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Thanks for taking me for a fabulous fast ride on the marathon express.<br>
(I couldn't even run 100 meters at your marathon pace)<br><br>
I am glad plan D worked. Wish plan A or B would have but, you can recycle plans A and B for the next race. (Recycling is eco-friendly)<br><br>
Congratulations on a well trained for and well run race.<br><br>
(I am going to borrow your mantra prn)<br><br>
I have a better attitude because of yours.<br><br>

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emcee, I'm sorry you didn't hit the a) and b) goals, but this was still a very, very impressive race! Thanks for sharing the details and your thoughts. I'm filing it in my "learn from others" file...

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mc, you are a class act. I know you trained hard for this one, and in spite of the disappointment of missing your goal, you have already figured out where you can improve and you're looking forward to more training and racing.<br><br>
Goals and such aside, you still went sub-3:00 and ran a 73% age-graded marathon (I think)... quite a display of "it"! Nicely done, sir!<br><br>
Wishing you a speedy recovery and a great relay experience next month!

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Good stuff, mc. No shame in going for it like you did. You could have just as easily had "your day" and knocked down your goal. Keep at it. You know how it is ... each time you run one you learn more. It's too bad it takes so danged long to train for and recover from them.<br><br>
Kudos to you<br>

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mc, it's always hard for me to read race reports of runners who didn't meet their goals. I genuinely feel bad for you. But I commend you on running so fast, nonetheless. It's not as fast as you would have liked, but it's still <i>really</i> fast! Also, I think you have a good, stoic attitude about future races. This didn't turn out as you wished, but you're healthy and already thinking about future races...way to go! And congrats on your race today - you really ran a fine time.

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Hi McSolar! What a fantastic job you did on your race. You trained hard and smart and ran well. I read somewhere in Noakes book that negative splits in marathons were an acception rather than the rule and that this was distributed fairly evenly accross those who ran fast times to those who run slow times. You did a great job on your report. I would certainly like to see your HR data. Larry

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I will be honest with you, the only thing I was worried about regarding this race was that you may not meet some of your goals and then beat yourself up for it. I am glad you put it into perspective. The only thing that is at stake is to loose the fun of it along the way. Great race!<br>

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<span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">MC,</span></span><br><br><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">I’ll tell you this, I am very glad you ran a 7:17 that last mile instead of a 7:50. It took some guts to reverse the trend that had been in place since mile 19. You might be disappointed now, but I believe that after you've had time to think about it you will come to appreciate what you just did.</span></span><br><br><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">Congratulations on ANOTHER SUB-3. Well done!</span></span><br><br><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">Jim</span></span>

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What??? no Fashion Report? Oh no!!!<br><br>
Sun God...I was looking forward to this RR as all the rest of the running friends we have here. I have followed your dedication to your training. Your discipline to follow the schedule and even your crazy ways of eating the week prior to the marathon. In my always will be a speed king. Of course as a slow runner I would most likely never understand the inner strength it takes to run a race at the speed you had...but I did understand one thing...<i>you worked your best to stay "in the moment"</i> and for that I <img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""> to you my friend.<br><br>
Great race, great way of running from within and giving you all.<br><br>
Hey, by the way....I told you not to talk to strangers...specially oregonians.hihhi.<img alt="cool.gif" src="">

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Yup, it takes GUTS and HEART to reverse the trend. Pinching butts and laughing along the way, and then managing a smile when the going gets tough, also says a lot about your character.<br><br>
And with the planning and intensity that you're known for and willing to share with the rest of us.<br><br>
I'm sorry you're disappointed. You put so much into training; I'm sure it helps to know that it will start you in fine form for the next one. Congratulations on another sub-3.<br><br>
Yep. Fun coming up. Until then, rest and recharge.

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If I run with you someday, will you pinch my butt too???<br><br>
just wonderin' . . . .<br><br>
You nailed your halfway time MC and overall I think you did a great job. You may have missed your mark a bit, but in the grand scheme of it all, you should be pleased with the effort you put forth and know what you need to do differently next time.<br><br>
Nice racing Solarmeister!

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You may be disappointed but you seem to have learned some things today and besides you are still one damn fast guy!!

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Oh shoot mc, I was really hoping to see you get a PR today. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
As a scientist, you know that no test or experiment is a failure if you learn something from it. It's obvious you gleaned some tidbits from this race, so that makes it okay. Not great, but okay.<br><br>
I wish you the very best on your next marathon. I don't think I know another runner who deserves a great one more than you!
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