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Personal Training Sessions: What to do?

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I went into the gym the other night and the guy behind the desk asked me if I wanted to save money on my membership. I was skeptical, but he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So I signed up. With the deal I got I get 5 free one hour personal training sessions. I have no need for a trainer, I'm pretty well versed in excercise science, how to push myself and how to reach my goals. However, I'm always interested in new ideas and could use someone to bounce ideas off of.<br><br>
For those of you that use or have used personal trainers, how does a session usually go? If I give them a rough outline of what I'm doing and what my goals are, do you think they'd be willing to make suggestions as to what I could add or improve? How educated are these people? Are there certain things that they won't be willing to help me with?
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Maybe go in with a list of excercise types/workouts that you're familiar with and ask the trainer if there's something outside of that list they could recommend?<br><br>
For example, maybe you're really well versed in lifting, but don't know how to incorporate using the stability ball or something like that.<br><br>
I think that starting with a list of your goals and a rough outline of your plan for getting there is also a good idea (as you mentioned).<br><br>
You could also develop a list of questions that you know the answer to which you could pose to the trainer as a sort of pop-quiz to see if you're going to believe another word that comes out of their mouth.
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