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Performance Tire Sale

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Performance Bike has all their tires 20% off today! I was thinking of getting some more Gatorskins, which is what is on my bike right now, and they are starting to look worn. They are about $30. Is that a good price?
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The Gatorskins are good tires. They have a high TPI and are Kevlar folding so they will go on and off pretty quick. One drawback of the Gatorskin is they are one-directional. since they have a tread, they needo to go on so the tread points in the right direction. I suggest you draw a line on the tire with an arrow head so you can see it if you flat.<br><br>
The question now begs to be answered, how do you know which direction the tires goes since it's not marked? Simple, the tread shold push water away form the center of the tire and out. So the thinner lines hit the ground first. then the outer lines hit the ground later. You have to look at the tire and kinda imagine the tire rolling onthe bike to make sure you get it right. That's why I suggest the line witht he arrow head.<br><br>
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