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homemade challah is the best. see diablita's recipe for a good tasting loaf...<br><br>
like diablita mentions, recipes can be sweeter, depending on region. mine is from my aunt pat (a beer swilling, irish catholic woman) who was taught to make it by her local rabbi after her daughter married a jewish fella. my sabra ex loves this recipe, as it is much sweeter than the loaves his mother used to make ('though when we split ways, i refused to give him the recipe. so there!).<br><br>
5 to 6 c flour<br>
1 T sea salt<br>
1 T yeast<br>
1 c hot water w/1 T honey<br>
1/2 c honey<br>
4 eggs<br>
1/2 c unsalted, melted and cooled butter, OR 1/2 c sunflower oil<br><br>
dissolve the yeast in the hot water and proof.<br>
measure 4 c of flour into a large bowl, make a well, add the yeast, eggs, honey and butter. mix to combine. add more flour if necessary. cover and let rise until doubled. braid into a very large loaf on a sheet pan (i use 4 pieces of dough to make a nearly round loaf). brush with one egg yolk mixed in two tablespoonfuls of cream (or water), and bake in a 350o oven for 35 to 40 minutes.
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