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passable chocolate cake

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i make a damned fine chocolate cake.<br><br>
even if i won't eat it.<br><br>
here's the recipe:<br><br>
2 c flour<br>
2 c sugar<br>
3/4 c unsweetened cocoa powder<br>
1 t salt<br>
1 t powder<br>
2 t soda<br><br>
2 eggs<br>
1 c melted butter (or sunflower oil)<br>
1 c milk<br>
1 c scalding hot espresso<br>
2 t pure vanilla extract<br><br>
oven at 325o.<br><br>
sift together all the dry ingredients. mix the coffee, butter and milk together. pour into the dry ingredients. add the two eggs. beat thoroughly. stir in the vanilla.<br><br>
bake in two 9" greased cake rounds for approx. 25 minutes.<br><br>
frost with cream cheese frosting.
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today was mr. poo's first day at a new hospital... i think i'll make this for him when i get home.
that's why, darling, when making ganache, one should always have a pan of hot cream or hot jam or hot something nearby (i do not mean beefcake).
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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