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<p>Because, I just don't have one for today.</p>
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<p>I'm in the process of repeating a 5 week cycle in my training.  I have a ton of time between now and <a href="" target="_blank">MCM</a> and my coach and I think that establishing a solid, even super solid, base of miles and confidence is a good idea. </p>
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<p>I've already established that I'm not the most confident of athletes.  I rather fell in to that lifestyle.  So now, when focusing on a specific goal and doing it in a way that's relatively new to me... the challenges that face me are as much in my head as they are in my legs.  High falutin' mumbo-jumbo talk would refer to my low level of self-efficacy in my ability to run.  So, part of the goal of this first build was to work with my head as much as my lungs and legs.</p>
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<p>And, well....son of a's working.  I'm running faster and with less trepidation these days than I have in the past...much earlier in the season.  It helps that I've got someone to run with me, but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to make strides like this if I didn't have it in me to begin with.  The other nice thing about this repeat is that the repetition helps me be prepared for what's to come.</p>
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<p>One of the things that my trainer in town and I have discovered is that I tend to be able to adapt fairly quickly to new things.  I'm a complete and total clutz when we try new things for the first time.  This morning, I was trying to stretch my quads using a thera-band to help pull my foot and leg back behind me while lying on my side on the floor.  Only... yes.... instead of doing that, I did the very best impression of a beached turtle that's ever been seen at that gym.  I've got balance issues.  Many of them.  I've got coordination issues.  Some of them.  I've got issues where my inner geek gets in the way of just having fun and letting my body move.  But, when it's time to repeat that set, or pattern or exercise it's like everything clicks and I don't do the turtle imitation actions the second time around.  Nice, huh?</p>
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<p>So, this second time through the build, I've got these things going for me:</p>
<ol><li>I know the energy requirement for each day.</li>
<li>I know the routes for each day.</li>
<li>I know the "approved" modification for each day if variety is needed for interest.</li>
<li>I have something to aim for...I can compare this time through with last time through and see how things go.</li>
<li>I've got an established habit formed.</li>
</ol><p> </p>
<p>Now, I just have to put out while running.</p>
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<p>The swimming lately is going well, too.  My two distance days are Wednesday and Sunday.  I get a distance swimmer's workout handed to me in the middle of the week, and Sundays are set aside for long steady swims.  I've made contact <a href="" target="_blank">with someone who is willing to loan me a kayak</a>, as long as I can get it to the lake.  I've even got a friend who said she'd paddle with me so that I don't get SQUEESHED by boats....or, attacked by gators!  I've got friends who have a house ont he lake who said that I could launch from their dock.  All in all... I'm pretty set up.  The cool thing about that is that these people think I'm a touch....well, touched.  They really don't understand it.  But, they're still willing to help me get ready for it. </p>
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<p>If it takes a village to raise a child.....</p>
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<p>it must take an entire college campus to raise a triathlete!</p>
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