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Parents of college kids: Care packages?

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<p>We sent exam care packages to the boys last week.  The first was a breeze, handled by the residence dining hall service.  The second, not so much.  Still, we thought it was a great idea - let them know we're thinking about them, give them a little something to nosh on while cramming.</p>
What do you do?</p>
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<p>Home made cookies, ground coffee or cocoa mix, art supplies (i was an art major), a nice "I'm thinking of you" letter, goofy little toys, a book I might enjoy reading, funny socks, funny boxers, candy that I like...</p>
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<p>Sometimes they were themed - around valentine's day everything in the box would be red, pink or white. For St. Pat's everything would be green. Not that I got one for every holiday, but depending on when the package was being sent they would coordinate the stuff with what was going on that month. I probably got maybe 1 per semester, if I hadn't been home for a while or for a pick-me-up if I was having a rough time.</p>
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<p>My sister sent more of them than my parents did.</p>
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I do think that a little token of "love" is a small thing really - we're not helicopter parents.  I look at it as an extension of what I used to do when they first started back to "regular" school.  I'd slip a treat into their lunch bags or a note of encouragement.  Same deal.</div>
<br><br><p>Ok, so while my parents didn't do care packages, my mom did hand write me letters often. Actually, I (hand) wrote letters back and forth with my mom and siblings and a couple friends all the time when I was away.</p>
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<p>Letters = GOOD mail. Even if there is no food or whatever involved.</p>
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