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Parents of college kids: Care packages?

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<p>We sent exam care packages to the boys last week.  The first was a breeze, handled by the residence dining hall service.  The second, not so much.  Still, we thought it was a great idea - let them know we're thinking about them, give them a little something to nosh on while cramming.</p>
What do you do?</p>
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<p>The university had a program where parents could order premade care packages for finals.  My mom ordered me one for my 1st finals week freshman year.  I think it had cookies, candy bar, little things like that.  That was the only official care package.  However, when I got a car at the end of my sophomore year, every time I went home for a weekend, my dad would gas up my car for me (It took about 1/3 tank to drive back to school so it got me through a week or so after that). </p>
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