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OT: Why Clean the House?

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<p>I mean really... it's a losing battle. Can someone explain this?</p>
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<p>I figure we'll just take a nuke and drop it on the house soon as the kids leave for college.</p>
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<p>p.s. I am NOT a clean freak. I just prefer to</p>
<p>a) have a PATH to get from one place to another</p>
<p>b) Find my crap</p>
<p>c) Have all lilliputions living in my house be able to find THEIR crap</p>
<p>d) Not have a colony of mice/bugs/other freeloaders living in my house</p>
<p>e) have the house not stink</p>
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<p>just sayin</p>
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<p>I am okay with clutter as long as it is MY clutter.  <img alt="" src="" style="width:15px;height:15px;" title=""></p>
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