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One Month and Six Days

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Since we're all on some sort of countdown!<br><br>
It will be my 30th birthday. A new decade. A new age group. A new gray hair or something.<br><br>
So crazy tri shall I commemorate the beginning of my 3rd decade?<br><br>
I need some ideas so I can get the Evites out!
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Mom's b-day is today.....<br>
She's Pices, right? Or, is she Aquarius.<br><br>
Anyway.....she's learned how to handle him over the last 40-odd years.<br><br>
Let's just say...<br>
When dad bakes, mom goes upstairs to take a bath. She doesn't come down until she smells the pie baking. THEN, she goes down, takes the ONE measuring cup that he dirtied but didn't clean up...and rinses it and puts it in the dishwasher. Seriously...he will leave ONE thing out...all the time. A little thing. Measuring spoon w/ pnut butter in it.... one bowl. Whatever. DRives Mom NUTS. But, at least he gets all the flour off the floor and out of the various drawers and shelves and things.<br><br>
He's a messy baker...<br>
I did my first Oly 3 days before my was a great way to celebrate!<br><br>
30 is omg so young!
Have everyone in GA over for a party? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
That's only 10 days before ING Ga right?<br><br>
there's this<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Ooh, moving party.
Wow, I don't feel quite THAT old anymore...I'll be 42 in September<br><br>
Am I the only here who's done their first tri post-40 yo?
Ahh, cool! That was my case as well (a week or so after my 41st b'day; nice little way to celebrate)
I'll be the big 50 this year and doing my first tri this year. <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
Alright! WTG kimber!
Handicap? NO SIR! I weigh 30 pounds more than you and you have way more MUSCLES and know how to pee when you run.<br><br>
I should get a 5 minute handicap.<br><br>
What does CC think about this?
The way I see it, I have a lot of years left for racing. Grandma ran 10K's into her 70's. Sure, she finished DFL or next to DFL, but she finished. 20yrs later, you can still see the pride in her eyes when she talks about it. She swam and bicycled into her mid 80's. She still walks alot. She's 92yo. Recently she fell and broke a couple ribs. She's in a rehab facility and the nurses and PT's can't believe how quickly she is recovering. Duh... look what she's been doing all her life!!!<br><br>
So, Tithers and all y'all, you are still young shits!!!
I did my first tri at age 44. In 2yrs ans 10 months I turn 50, now that is something to celebrate!!!! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I'll only be 34 this year (Dec. 31!! -- yes, that means next year I'll be the youngest in my AG), but my MIL is doing her first (and probably last, she says) marathon on Sunday at the ripe old age of 58. She will do her first tri in April. I think that's very cool!<br><br>
Edit: I forgot to add that my grandmother is doing a 10K in March at the age of 84. She will be walking it, but she's going to do it! She's already signed up! She won't be the oldest, though. There is a guy who does it every year. Last year, he was 96. Sid Smith is his name -- you can google it with Capitol 10K.
Oh, and I wasn't complaining about being old...I just want some banging ideas for an event
I'm exactly 3 months from hitting 50 (May 14) and that just seems like such a BIG number. I don't exactly act it or look it or feel it. I did my first tris last year at 49 and it was so awesome! I can't wait for this summer and I'll be the youngest in my age group (not that it's going to make a huge difference).<br><br>
I'm a firm believer that age is a number and that's about it. People are almost always surprised at my age (if I tell them!) and that's cool to me! (I'm blessed with good skin!) When I see others my age, they seem so "old"! It's all about attitude (and being active!)<br><br>
So... for those of you freaking out about turning 30 (I was stood up on my 30th birthday, nice huh?) or 40 (perpetually single but met Mr. CO the month after I turned 40 and well worth the wait!) all I can say is get over yourselves!!<br><br>
I just keep getting better.... FIFTY?! Bring it on!!! (Yikes, did I really say that?!) <img alt="blush.gif" src="">
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Why do people think I'm COMPLAINING <img alt="mad.gif" src=""> ?<br><br>
I complained 2 days ago-about CS...I got over that...I'm done with complaining! Does this count as complaining?
<b>"No workout for you!"</b> <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Nobody said you were complaining. Tithers needs a nap.<br><br>
New decade and age group quickly approaching - less than 2.5 wks - bring on 40!<br><br>
Find a great race!
Tithers only naps after 31 mile runs!
I'll be 32 in July. Can't wait to get to the 35-40 age group, seems to be the most competitive around.
I have yet to do one and I am 42. I'm thinking about a 30/30/30 indoor triathlon in March as a intro to the summer events.<br>
30 is sooo young! Just enjoy that fact and the fact that you are active and healthy.
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