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One Month and Six Days

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Since we're all on some sort of countdown!<br><br>
It will be my 30th birthday. A new decade. A new age group. A new gray hair or something.<br><br>
So crazy tri shall I commemorate the beginning of my 3rd decade?<br><br>
I need some ideas so I can get the Evites out!
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Find a race and do it. Even if it's the weekend before or after your birthday. That's what I always like to do, although I must admit that I also typically go on a trip. Last year it was Clearwater for the 70.3 World Championship. The year before it was Texas to run the Texas Twenty w/ProutyBoy and attend the MLS Cup. The year before it was off to Miami for my Miami Man, my very first half Iron and the race that got me hooked on this amazing sport. The year before it was California to run a 5K and 10K an hour apart and then attend the MLS Cup. The year before...<br><br>
Birthday's are special. They are your day. Do something awesome. Celebrate life, liberty, and all that you enjoy. Because you only get so many of them. So make them good!
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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