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One Month and Six Days

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Since we're all on some sort of countdown!<br><br>
It will be my 30th birthday. A new decade. A new age group. A new gray hair or something.<br><br>
So crazy tri shall I commemorate the beginning of my 3rd decade?<br><br>
I need some ideas so I can get the Evites out!
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42 in July... And that ain't nuthin' to celebrate.
I raced my son on my birthday last year. Bugger beat me by 3secs! He snagged 1st in his AG, I snagged 2nd in mine. Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday!
The way I see it, I have a lot of years left for racing. Grandma ran 10K's into her 70's. Sure, she finished DFL or next to DFL, but she finished. 20yrs later, you can still see the pride in her eyes when she talks about it. She swam and bicycled into her mid 80's. She still walks alot. She's 92yo. Recently she fell and broke a couple ribs. She's in a rehab facility and the nurses and PT's can't believe how quickly she is recovering. Duh... look what she's been doing all her life!!!<br><br>
So, Tithers and all y'all, you are still young shits!!!
1 - 5 of 52 Posts
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