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On your uterus falling out.

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My mom and I have a running joke about my uterus falling out because of running/gallowalking. So this past mothers day all of us ladies were sitting down to lunch at our favorite little place. It was mom, granny, my mom's crazy sisters, my cousins and I sitting at the table and I was saying how after lunch I was going to run around the lake and my mom told me that my uterus was going to fall out. I laughed and said of course it wasn't and my witchy auntie said hers fell out just walking down the stairs of her house.<br><br>
Well it turns out her uterus detatched from where ever it was attached to and it infact did fall partially out and had to be stiched back in.<br><br>
I just told my aunt that I would make sure I duct taped my hoo ha shut before my run.
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