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1 <a href="" target="_blank">banana</a><br>
5 big <a href="" target="_blank">strawberries</a><br>
1 cup of <a href="" target="_blank">raspberries</a><br>
1 cup of <a href="" target="_blank">OJ</a><br>
1 <a href="" target="_blank">kiwi</a><br>
6 oz of vanilla <a href="" target="_blank">yogurt</a><br>
1/4 cup of <a href="" target="_blank">oatmeal</a><br>
4 ice cubes<br><br>
Potential Health Benefits:<br><br>
Packed with antioxidants which can help improve your immune strength and prevent cancer.<br><br>
Lots of fiber to maintain healthy bowel function and prevent heart disease.<br><br>
Prevent macular degeneration with nutrients in the fruits.<br><br>
Protection against arthritis.<br><br>
Improving cholesterol.<br><br>
Strengthening bones.<br><br>
Lowering body fat.<br><br>
Improving mouth health.<br><br>
Kidney stone prevention.<br><br>
Lowering diabetes risk.<br><br><i>These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. This smoothie is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease.</i>

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Well, I didn't get around to making a smoothie last night, but the one I will make today:<br><br>
8 oz. Cranberry Juice Cocktail<br>
1 cup of raspberries<br>
1 cup of strawberries<br>
1 banana<br>
6 oz. of Vanilla Yogurt<br>
Some honey to sweeten

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I eat a smoothie for lunch each day based on a "recipe" from my mom:<br><br>
1-1.5 c. frozen berries*<br>
1/2 c. vanilla yogurt<br>
1/3-1/2 c. milk<br>
2 tbsp. vanilla whey powder<br><br>
*all measurements are estimates - make to preference<br><br>
I make enough for a whole week, put in the freezer for storage, then "unfreeze" each day for lunch. Yum!<br><br>
And yes, there are no ice cubes in the recipe.

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1 cup of frozen strawberries<br>
1/2 a banana<br>
1/c cup calcium fortified OJ<br>
1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk<br>
ice cubes<br>
1 pkg of Crystal Light on the go (I like strawberry kiwi)<br><br>
It's awesome. The Crystal Light gives it a kick.

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Smoothies are the shit for sure...I can't believe how good AND healthy they are.<br><br>
Mine usually follow this basic structure -<br><br>
Strawberries (fresh if possible)<br>
Assorted fruit flavored yogurt...all sorts<br>
Some sort of fruit juice - usually OJ<br>
Maybe a little Gatorade powder<br>
Any other fruits I can find<br><br>
I usually make about a 32 oz. one and have that along with something for a meal. Mmmmmmm.
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