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Oh no!!! No daily thread for a few days!! Thursday 5/4

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We got keep this going!

Tuesday…. I swam now 1600yds without much issues! It’s a little tight day after but mobility is still good. And 2-mile walk.

Wednesday - 1.5hrs on my Pony, visiting the city hall for an informational meeting about the road widening plan near us. Then just wandering around.

will report back about today later!!
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oh shoot all this stupid doctor/travel stuff keeps messing up my posting!/. Last week to SLC for doc appts.
Yo good to see you getting back at the swimming!
Have any of you done allergy shots?
Then perhaps the last easy ski weekend 3 days of 10 mile skis as the snow turned warmer and mushy.
Then yet another Dr trip for the SO (just trying to learn things really). I just finished my 2nd strength workout of the week. Thanks for everyone's advice. What happens is I find I am making some progress with all this training and get to wanting more. In addition it keeps my back from getting tweaky so then I want to have a cycle set up that's 3 days a week. Of course then I run into travel or work deadlines or the snow/cycling is too good and I don't' manage to finish the 3 and feel bad. SO of course 2x per week makes sense I cna always repeat a workout but my mind gets greedy and wants 3-4x.. until it doesn't!
Hi SB! Well hope you learned something good and new at doc’s! Still plenty of snow?

About an hour total of walking is all I got. Decided to go see “All Things Equal”, a play about RBG. it was Good but driving almost two hrs was a bit too much.

DD texting me that she got a food poisoning or stomach flu or something. Poor girl, housemates are out of town and all alone :(
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